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Expert pet advice from genuine pet lovers.

Our guiding principles

Happypaws.online already knows that your pet(s) is a beloved and valued part of the family. We’re pet parents as well, which is what makes Happypaws.online such a trusted online resource when it comes to caring for your fuzzy best friend. We pride ourselves on being pet experts and pet lovers. We do this by offering an array of pet care, pet health, pet food, pet behavior, pet advice, and pet safety content to help you be a responsible and loving pet owner.

What we do
The Happypaws.online team knows that your pet’s wellbeing is integral to your happiness and peace of mind. That’s why aside from the pet news, pet behavior and health tips, and cute photos (because, no one can resist those), we provide our readers and loving pet parents with solid advice and informative articles from pet experts, pet owning newbies, and seasoned pet pros, but most importantly of all, animal lovers.

Who we are
As loving pet owners ourselves, the Happypaws.online staff wants to grow and thrive as part of the petcare industry. We work tirelessly to inform pet owners to help them support a healthy pet lifestyle. Our main mission is to improve the life and wellbeing of every pet, and every pet owner.

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