Adverse effects of not socializing a puppy
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Adverse effects of not socializing a puppy

Do you realize the importance of socializing your pet? Along with other things like nutrition and regular vaccination, socialization assists your puppy in leading a happier life. Moreover, socialization is vital to your doggie’s vitality and overall well-being.

It is often said, dogs and humans share a lot of qualities. The need for socialization is one such mutual quality shared by the two species. As such, newer dog training programs emphasize socialization by introducing special training segments. There are plenty of benefits that pet socialization brings to the table for pet owners. To fill you up with some more motivation about the importance of socializing your pet, here are some inopportune things that might result because of poor socialization:

Limited exercise

Doggies with a poor socialization history are indifferent to physical exercise. By skipping adequate walking, running, fetching, and other forms of important physical exercises, such pooches put themselves at a higher risk in terms of contracting health conditions and disorders. Obesity is also a result of not getting enough physical exercise. As socializing a dog is difficult than socializing a pup, it’s important to start involving them in socialization activities from a young age.

Increased fear and stress

Dogs grown in a poorly socialized environment remain more terrified than the socialized ones. This is most often experienced when poorly socialized dogs are subjected to unusual circumstances or new environments. Upon triggering the flight or fight response, due to fear, adrenaline rush increases heart and respiration rates. This compromises blood flow in intestines and kidneys, leading to increased muscle breakdown and suppression of the immune system.
Going through such instances can lead to stress in inadequately socialized dogs. The importance of socializing your pet lies in the fact that it assists doggies in expelling out all the stress by means of chronic stress hormone release.

Inadequate grooming

Several dog breeds require recurrent grooming to keep their skin and fur in proper condition. Dogs with poor socialization tend to sway from grooming procedures that are important for their health and wellness.
Grooming becomes almost impractical for poorly socialized dogs, making them more susceptible to diseases and other undesired health conditions.

Difficulty during vet exams

You can gauge the importance of socializing your pet in terms of difficulty experienced during veterinary examinations by owners of poorly socialized canines. Such doggies respond to fear with aggression, making it nearly impossible for a veterinarian to successfully complete the medical examination. A complete physical examination is a must for properly evaluating the health condition of a doggie. Unfortunately, struggling doggies with poor socialization make even a simple health check-up a nightmare for both the vet and the pet owner.

These and more comprise the adverse effects of not socializing a puppy at the right time. Therefore, ensure to take the right steps so you wouldn’t have to face any issues when your puppy grows.

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