Do you have a shy and timid cat, Here are some essential boarding tips
Pet Boarding

Do you have a shy and timid cat, Here are some essential boarding tips

Life seems to be lovely and lively when you have a pet that cares for you and with whom you share your love. You would do all things possible to avoid harming your pet in any way. If you plan to be out of town for a while, and you own a shy and timid cat, you surely will be worried about where to leave your cat.

Cats and dogs have different behavioral characteristics and treating them the same way is not a very good idea. It is not easy for the cat to adjust itself to loud and unknown surroundings all of a sudden. Hence, it is important to educate yourself on the many boarding tips for shy pets so that you do not end up on a vacation worrying about your pet!

  • Boarding at the pet sitter’s home –

    Leaving your shy cat at a pet sitter’s home means your cat will shift from one home to another comfortably. It offers them an amicable and homely environment. Also pet sitters are usually experienced and can help make sure your cat is safe.

  • Cat-only facility –

    A cat-only facility boards cats alone in the facility to avoid any conflict between different pet species. This lets pets have a comfortable stay. It is one of the best boarding tips for shy pets. Both dog and cat facilities might be okay for cats which socialize, but for shy and timid cats, these may be a bit too much.

  • Send your pet’s toys, bowls, and food –

    Some cats are habituated to their stuff like the bowl in which they eat, the toys with which they play with, and the smell of their home. With a change in surroundings, cats tend to stop eating and behave strangely. This is among the essential boarding tips for shy pets. Remember to give it as many of their things as you can so that wherever they are, they still feel at home.

  • Visit the premises before sending your pet –

    Inspect the boarding facility before sending your pet. Check whether the surroundings are clean, comfortable, and whether there are plenty of toys and playing area for the cat. You might also consider checking the health of other pets so that you get an idea about how they are treated. Also, make sure you ask about the kind of food fed to the cats.

  • Request for a large private space –

    A shy cat will prefer to stay alone and enjoy the privacy in the absence of its owner. It is advisable to request for a large private space with various toys and plenty of area for the cat to relax in and play.

These boarding tips for shy pets can be incredibly helpful in ensuring your cat feels loved and secure while you are away on vacation or are travelling due to some work. Follow these useful tips and spend your vacation enjoying yourself and not worry about your pet’s wellbeing.

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