Eight signs that your cat may be bored
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Eight signs that your cat may be bored

If you think it’s only dogs that look for your attention, then you are wrong. Cats might seem as though they don’t want any attention, but the fact is that they do. If it’s not the attention they crave, cats wish to be stimulated or be engaged in activities. Without an engagement of any sort, they not only get bored and depressed but also often become even self-destructive. Here are the top 8 signs your pet is bored.

Sleeping too much

Is your cat sleeping a lot lately, more than it is supposed to or it used to? Then consider this to be a sign of their boredom. Cats tend to sleep for around 16 to 17 hours. Though sleeping more than that is harmless, it may make them lose appetite or leave them dehydrated.


Another prominent sign of your pet being bored is a sudden increase in its daily food intake. When under stress or depression due to boredom, just like humans, cats tend to overeat to alleviate boredom.

Becoming destructive

Becoming destructive all of a sudden can be another sign of your cat experiencing sheer boredom. From knocking objects from shelves to destroying pillows and curtains, these are all acts of vandalism resulting from boredom.

Refusing to eat

Is your cat refusing to eat even its favorite meals? Well, it can be one of the 8 signs your pet is bored. Just like overeating is a telltale sign of boredom, showing sudden disinterest in food is also a symptom of being bored. In such cases, make it a point to change their daily diet a bit and talk to your vet, if need be.

Preening excessively

It’s natural for cats to groom themselves. However, when this grooming or preening becomes excessive, it might be the time that you start thinking about paying more attention to your cat and keeping it busy.

Scratching crazily

Is your cat scratching everything that is near him/her? Scratching anything and everything means your cat is desperate for your attention and it is probably time that you either spend more time with them or bring them a new companion with whom he/she can play.

Sudden weight gain or loss

Unexplainable weight loss or weight gain is another one of the 8 signs your pet is bored. A sudden change in your cat’s diet is bound to result in a significant shift in its weight, which can only be dealt with by rescuing it out of its boredom.

Ignoring the litter box

Not relieving themselves in the litter box can be your cat’s passive yet aggressive way of saying that he or she is bored. Excreting everywhere in the house, except in the litter box means it’s high time that you pay attention to your cat.

Keeping cats occupied saves them from getting bored and suffering from health issues. With the 8 signs your pet is bored listed above, be aware when your cat seems to be bored, and take better care of it.

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