Five effective tips to help soothe a dog’s separation anxiety
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Five effective tips to help soothe a dog’s separation anxiety

You may have noticed the mess your dog makes when you are not at home; the barking and howling that goes out of control that seems to not only disturb you but also your neighbors, and the times you return home only to find that your dog has ripped your favorite pillow into shreds. Yes, these are all signs of pet separation anxiety.

Soothing pet separation anxiety

Dogs are hardly ever away from their pack, and if the owner leaves for long hours on a daily basis, this creates a severe amount of stress for them. When you come back home, your dogs pounce on you and follow you all around the house, which is like a release from anxiety for them. Mentioned below are a few tips that can help you soothe pet separation anxiety.

Walk your dog –

Make it a point to take your dog for a walk every day before you leave. The intention behind this is to give your dog a rigorous exercise regime followed by a reward in the form of food and water. In this way, your dog shall lose out on that anxious, negative energy and stay rather calm, relaxed and at rest when you go out for a while.

No TTE Rule –

TTE stands for touch, talk, or eye contact. To reduce the severity of pet separation anxiety, it pays off not to make any eye contact, communication, or touch your dog just before you leave the house or immediately after you have reached. The point of this whole routine is to make it appear to your dog as though such separation for long hours is not a big deal and is merely usual everyday business. Practice this from 5 minutes to 1 hour before leaving home on a daily basis.

Follow-up rule –

If you are facing difficulty practicing the “No TTE” formula, then take some time to express love and affection to your dog way before you make a move. Note, this practice is for you and not your dog since you are the one who has difficulty in performing the “No TTE” trick. It actually wouldn’t hurt your dog’s feelings, if you didn’t say goodbye.

Audiobook –

Latest scientific research shows that dogs stay rather calm and at peace with themselves when they hear human voices from time to time. Audiobooks have a calming effect on dogs and help reduce pet separation anxiety by making them feel like they are not alone.

Leave out the guilt –

A dog thrives on the confidence of the leader of the pack, as it helps them stay calm and less anxious. When you leave home, leave with a positive aura and confidence, telling your dog that everything shall be just fine.

So choose the tip that works best for your dog and you. Dogs are a man’s best friends, but happy and calm dogs make for even better friends.

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