Five red flag alerts you need to be aware of when choosing a kennel
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Five red flag alerts you need to be aware of when choosing a kennel

A business trip in a flash or a last-minute holiday can leave you baffled, if you own a pet. And that is when you start looking for a nice kennel for your pet. Most of you must be aware of the fact that when it comes to a professionally-run dog kennel, there are very few that have the requisite facilities for your dog. So before dropping your dog to a dog kennel, there are certain red flags you must watch out for; some of these have been listed below:

No license or documentation

Having a business license doesn’t always mean that the kennels are inspected regularly. However, having proper documentation and being licensed makes sure that the kennel operates and abides by some specific standards that can keep your dog safe. Therefore, it is best to avoid any place that lacks proper license and documentation.

Poor client communication

Do you get the answering machine every time you call the kennel facility? Well, it can be one of the most serious dog kennel red flags that you need to be cautious about. Poor communication with the kennel implies you won’t be able to get up-to-date information about your pet, if you need to. Plus it can also mean that the facility is understaffed, which is not a good sign.

Refusing dog-owners to see the facility

Despite asking so many times, does the kennel you’ve chosen avoid giving you a tour of the facility? This might mean that the management is not committed to keeping the kennels functioning or that the facility is not up to date.

Poor maintenance of the facility

Sometimes the exterior of a kennel facility may indicate the condition of its interiors. Therefore, if the outer building shows signs of poor maintenance, take this as one of those dog kennel red flags that you must dig deeper into.

Not being staffed 24/7

Many kennels are not staffed for 24 hours. This means that if your dog is in trouble, there might not be anyone to rescue it. Look for a kennel that is staffed for full time or at least has a watch person who stays there 24/7. You don’t want your dog to fall ill while you’re away on vacation.

Always ask questions about a boarding facility’s services and staff to make sure your pet is at a safe place. In case you find any answer given by the kennel owners to be unsatisfactory, move on to the next place on your list. Dog kennel red flags are good indicators of how safe a kennel is for your dog. An ideal dog kennel should not only have all the facilities to keep your pet safe but should also allow you easy access to your pet’s condition.

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