Five tips for travelling with pets on a flight
Pet Boarding

Five tips for travelling with pets on a flight

Taking your pet with you by air is often a challenging task. Nonetheless, it’s a better option if you just can’t stop worrying about the condition of your furry friend being left alone at home. If you love your pet so much that you plan to carry it on your next air travel, then you should make the experience better with some opportune pet air travel tips.

Consider your little friend’s temperament

It will be untrue to say that pets like to travel. Actually, it might be the last thing that most of them prefer. Things can get a little complicated, if your pet’s temperament is stressful or if it suffers from high anxiety issues. Therefore, you would need to check your pet’s temperament first and then decide whether it can handle the journey or not.

Look for a pet relief station

If you’re having a layover during your flight, then you would need to take your pet to the pet relief station. It is usually a small green patched space available for pets to pee and poop. Moreover, you need to give it drinking water and some snacks at regular intervals for lightening up its mood.

Choose a pet carrier that is comfortable

One of the most important pet air travel tips is related to the pet carrier. Though pet carrier recommendations vary from airline to airline, most of them allow pet carriers that are approximately between 16 to 19 inches long and about 10 inches in height. There are different types of pet carriers available out there, but you would need to choose the one that ensures comfort for your pet. Avoid purchasing a carrier that is either too small or too big for your furry friend. It’s even better to have a pet carrier that has pockets to hold other items.

Pack all pet necessities

While moving your pet by air, you need to ensure that you have all pet necessities that your furry friend would need during the travel. As part of the pet air travel tips, make sure you have packed enough food, some toys, and treats to keep your friend entertained until it lands. For dogs, you can carry a bone to keep it busy, distracted, or entertained.

Take your pet on a long walk before the flight

One of the mandatory pet air travel tips is to let your pet drain out its energy. It’s a great idea to take your pet on a fairly long walk before you hit the airport. Doing so will help your pet stay low and hence, it will spend most of the journey sleeping and relaxing.

If you follow these tips, you can be sure of having a comfortable and safe flight and travel experience with your furry friend.

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