Pet boarding or pet sitting – Which is better
Pet Boarding

Pet boarding or pet sitting – Which is better

While being away from home for reasons varying from business travel to some kind of emergency, arranging for pet care is a major concern for every pet parent. Some people like to carry their pets only to find it resulting in discomfort for both the owner and their pet. Others like to escort their pet to untrained friends and neighbors, which is also unsatisfactory.

Intelligent and diligent pet owners, on the other hand, use popular pet caring practices, which are pet sitting and pet boarding. Each has their own advantages over the other. Before we start discussing on in-house pet sitter vs. boarding your pet, it’s important to get a brief insight into both pet caring practices.

Pet boarding

Professional pet boarding facilities allow pet owners to leave their amiable furry friends under the supervision of trained and professional staff while they are away from home. Different pet boarding facilities have their own methodologies to treat their animal guests. Pet boarding is also a great option for ill pets that are suffering from some kind of contagious disease.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is ideal for those who don’t wish their pets to leave the comfort of their home. However, some pet sitting providers grant pet owners the flexibility to have their amiable pets looked after at their own location, if required. Both trained and untrained professionals offer pet care option to pet owners.

In-house pet sitter vs. boarding your pet, which one is better?

The difference between an in-house pet sitter vs. boarding your pet is summed up in the following segment:


In terms of expense, pet boarding is less costly than pet sitting. Typically, a pet sitter service can cost you anywhere between $10 and $15 for a 30-minute or 1-hour sitting. Moreover, pet boarding might cost you about $25–$30 per night.


In the case of personalization by in-house pet sitter vs. boarding your pet, pet sitting emerges victorious. As a matter of fact, most pet owners choose pet sitting over pet boarding because of the flexibility it offers in terms of personalization. In a pet boarding or kenneling center, the schedule is fixed. On the other hand, a pet owner can set specialized scheduled to be followed by the pet sitter.


Before the advent of pet sitting, pet boarding and kenneling were the most admired options by pet owners. In general, preference for pet care is increasing with time. However, preference for pet sitting is growing faster than inclination for pet boarding or pet kenneling.


Though both pet boarding and pet sitting offer ample safety to your pet, pet sitting allows for specialized care. Hence, this single fact puts pet sitting option a little more on the safer side than the other pet caring option.

With these pointers, you can decide whether an in-house pet sitter or boarding your pet is the right option when you have to travel somewhere.

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