Some pros and cons of cage-free dog boarding
Pet Boarding December 4, 2017

Some pros and cons of cage-free dog boarding

Cage-free dog boarding is the process of allowing several dogs to spend a night in the same room, using the same space, without using individual dog cages. The trend is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows doggies to interact with each other rather than spending the night in complete isolation.

Cage-free dog boarding is a great option for those dog owners who find it kind of unfair to let their pets spend the night away locked in cages. However, not everything is ok with this practice, as it has its own cons that you need to consider before choosing this option for your pooch. Here are some pros and cons of the newly adopted practice of boarding doggies:


Encourages a better mood

Putting doggies inside a cage might hurt their sentiments, the intensity varying from temperament to temperament. Nobody likes to be kept in a cage, which is also true for canines. Instead of putting them into cages, letting them spend the night in an open space, in the company of other doggies, will allow them to have a better mood.

Opportunity to interact

Probably the biggest advantage of choosing cage-free dog boarding for your pooch is the opportunity for them to interact. It is important if your dog is new in the facility. Interaction is an important aspect that helps a pet to communicate better with other animals and humans. The free interaction opportunity will help your dog socialize in a better way.

Free to move

Another lucrative benefit that the new type of dog boarding gives to your pet is the ability to move around freely. This isn’t usually available inside a cage, as most cages often have little to no space for moving around. As dogs like to stretch and change position frequently even whilst sleeping overnight, letting them spend the night without a cage is a good thing for doggies.


Safety concern

Safety is the biggest concern related to cage-free dog boarding. As different dogs have different temperaments, it might be a risky business for those having a timid nature among the group. Domination is a common phenomenon among dogs. It’s a fact that in a group of dogs sharing the same space, one dog with an intimidating nature will like to dominate others. This goes true for the new type of dog boarding too.

Require specialized supervision

Another important concern of cage-free dog boarding is the need for specialized supervision. It’s almost impossible to let dogs stay without the supervision of some specified professionals. There are lots of risks involved, if dogs are left without anyone to look after them. In order to deal with the situation, the appointed person or personnel need to be well trained and must have good knowledge of dog nature.

You can now consider these pros and cons and make an informed decision about enrolling your canine in a cage-free dog boarding.

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