Top 5 things to look for in a kennel
Pet Boarding

Top 5 things to look for in a kennel

In case you are left with no choice other than to leave your pet behind, it’s obvious to go for a pet boarding option. Choosing the right boarding kennel for your pet(s) is important for both of you. Whilst it ensures a comfortable stay for your furry friend, it brings you peace of mind.

For making the right choice, you need to know exactly what to look for in a kennel for your close accomplice. Check out the following list that enumerates various important qualities to narrow down your kennel options:

Certification –

Running a kennel doesn’t require any certifications, at least for now. However, a certified kennel is definitely going to meet or even exceed your expectations. A certification, available as Voluntary Facilities Accreditation (VFA) certificate, is provided after the kennel goes through a rigorous evaluation. Since the certification is provided by the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA), you might want to add it to your “what to look for in a kennel” checklist.

Cooperating and qualified staff –

As you’ll not be there to give company to your pet during the day, you need to ensure that those available for the purpose are good enough. In addition to assessing the available staff for their attitude towards pets, you need to ensure that they are qualified enough to meet your pet-caring expectations. Most kenneling services allow clients to go through their portfolio, which lists down all professionals available at the center. Their qualifications are mentioned right next to their names and designations.

Exercise and play programs –

Another important factor that you need to add to your “what to look for in a kennel” checklist is exercise and play programs. Not all, but most of the kenneling services offer exercise and play programs to ensure good health of your pet. Like other facilities available at a kenneling service, you are charged separately for the play programs in addition to the boarding fees. Therefore, take your time to choose the most opportune exercise program.

Safety –

Different kennel services use different safety practices. To be specific, you need to look prudently for bent wire, jagged edges, and torn fencing. Make sure you ask whether the staff at the facility allows pets to play unattended. If so, you might consider other kennel options. Moreover, look for a kennel that has an in-house veterinary clinic in case of an emergency.

Additional perks –

Ambitious pet kenneling facilities provide unique services that are exclusive to them. Hence, you might like to add additional feats and perks to your “what to look for in a kennel” checklist. It’s hard to tell what kind of additional perks a potential kenneling service might provide, but it is better to look for it anyway.

With these tips, you can be sure of finding the right kennel for your furry friend.

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