10 dog breeds that adapt well to apartment living
Pet Breeders December 4, 2017

10 dog breeds that adapt well to apartment living

If you live in an apartment, you are probably aware of the constraints of apartment living. Even if you are an ardent lover of dogs, you have to devote a lot of thought to the breeds, which you can bring back home. Apart from the size of the dog, you have to consider its nature; your neighbours may not appreciate an alarm dog that barks a lot, while an energetic pup may find your small space confining.

To make your search easier, we have listed the top ten apartment dog breeds that will be most suitable for your lifestyle.

Pug: Compact and friendly, with an adorable face, pugs are easier to maintain than most apartment dog breeds. They are playful and mischievous and can easily adapt to any environment and lifestyle. They do not need a lot of outdoor exercise and will remain happy and healthy even if they have to spend the whole day indoors.

Beagle: Their small size makes the friendly beagle your perfect apartment companion. They love spending time with people and are especially fond of kids. Beagles can be considered as one of the best apartment dog breeds you can choose from.

Cocker Spaniel: The merry outgoing cocker spaniel is next on our list of apartment dog breeds. These medium size dogs are happy to run around the house and can easily adapt to any environment.

English bulldog: A 10-minute walk in the morning or evening is all the exercise your English bulldog needs. Just be aware the bulldog is prone to heatstroke. They require air conditioning in a hot climate. You should also be careful about not leaving them on the porch during the summer months.

Tibetan Spaniel: The Tibetan spaniel can be both your adorable apartment dog breed and an alert watchdog. They enjoy every activity with their human whether it is cuddling on the couch or a long walk.

Cavalier King Charles: The Cavalier King Charles likes to be snuggled and loved. They will accompany you on long walks and can sometimes bark when they see people or animals.

French bulldog: These small and quiet dogs are easygoing and good-natured. They do not need a ton of exercise and remember your French bulldogs needs the air-conditioning in hot weather.

Chinese shar-pei: The Chinese shar-pei has a calm temperament and needs only moderate levels of exercise. However, this breed also cannot withstand hot climate and require air-conditioning.

Shih Tzu: The Shih Tzu is a friendly and alert dog that is more comfortable indoors. Regular brushing of their long hair and a trim every six weeks or so is all they need by way of maintenance.

Basenji: The barkless Basenji is often one of the top choices among apartment breed dogs. However, it does vent out in other ways.

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