7 most popular small dog breeds suitable for apartments
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7 most popular small dog breeds suitable for apartments

7 most popular small dog breeds suitable for apartments

Living with a pet dog is like living with a good friend. And, it is lovely to have a pet dog that is a small breed. These cute little creatures can liven up your days.

Small breeds are necessary not just because they are cute but because they are well-suited if you have a small apartment. Bigger breeds need more space and hence won’t be suitable for a small apartment.

Some of the smallest dog breeds available

If you’re on the hunt for the smallest dog breeds available in the market based on factors such as space, price, and adaptability, you’re going to want to buy one of these:


There can’t be a better breed to start off the list with. Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds around. More importantly, they don’t need much exercise. Just a little walk around the park and they’re happy. Chihuahuas love to socialize, and they will drain themselves out before you know it.


Weighing a meager 5 pounds, these little buddies are furry but feisty. However, they often tend to attack bigger dogs, which lead to obvious problems.


How can we not mention the friendliest of the friendly breeds? Pugs are a joy to have around. They curl up pretty quick and require nothing but attention and love.

Toy Poodle

Often shown as female fashionistas among dogs in cartoons, these look fashion-ready indeed. They are easy to train and are pretty wise. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have these good-looking dogs that barely take up space?

Silky Terrier

Their name gives it away. These dogs have a silky coat that is very soft. They might be small, but they are bold and can pose threats to intruders with their romps!


They are small, they are furry, and they are better off without training. If you live in a small apartment and want a dog that won’t bother you much, a Maltese is the answer.

French Bulldog

They can be your all-time companions if you bring them home. French bulldogs are showmen and love being the center of attention.

Requirements for owning one of the smallest dog breeds

Before you start planning on which breed of dog to buy, you need to ensure that your apartment has a dog-friendly environment. The smallest dog breeds need to socialize, and hence your apartment should have dog-friendly neighbors around who are willing to help, whenever needed. The dogs should be clean, quiet, and friendly as well if they are to adapt appropriately to the environment. Too much barking and lack of hygiene will create problems for your pet, and the neighbors might eventually complain.

So, opt for the smallest dog breeds, best suited for your space to have a companion to cherish and share your life with.

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