9 popular dog breeds for the city life
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9 popular dog breeds for the city life

Dogs have always been man’s best companion ever since we can remember in history. You may have a wish of getting a pooch for yourself. If you’re living in the city, the size of your dog would matter because living spaces are constrained in cities; however, other factors also have to be taken into consideration such as the dog’s energy level, noisiness, friendliness, etc. as there will be neighbours in close proximity and lot of socializing. When it comes to living in a city, there are various factors which will help you to decide on the best dog breeds for 5 major metropolises.

Keeping the general factors in mind, the best dog breeds for 5 major metropolises are:


He can be a naughty or a mischievous dog if he is left unattended for long durations of time. A Basenji rarely barks and does not grow taller than 18 inches or weigh over 25 pounds. A Basenji is an ideal dog breed for any 5 of the major metropolises in the country.

Bischon Frise

This breed is an energetic one full of fur; however, it comparatively sheds very less as to similar breeds. This makes them ideal for people with allergies or for those living in small spaces in cities. An added plus is that they don’t grow taller than a foot.

Boston Terrier

Fondly known as an American Gentlemen, they are wonderful, gentle, and affectionate pets. They need to be well exercised but intense activity is not required. Boston Terriers rarely grow more than a foot and a half and are an ideal pick for any 5 major metropolises in the country.

Brussels Griffon

A highly affectionate breed which bonds well with their owners. They are a sturdy, lively breed fit for a small apartment space.


A bulldog is one of the most suitable dog breeds for any of the 5 major metropolises in the country, especially if as a pet owner you are also not inclined to an active lifestyle. A short walk is all they need and a compatible temperament makes them perfect for city spaces.

Norfolk Terrier

Terriers are easy going and well-mannered dogs. They are able to adapt to different environments and are compatible with other dogs. They are suitable for social dog owners.


A pug is a spunky breed as they are playful even around strangers, so they are not a good watchdog. They do not need too much exercise but need to be fed moderately for weight control.

Shih Tzu

Meaning “Lion,” this breed is brave by nature. They are loving and loyal with a good temperament. They have a trusting affinity towards humans so they cannot be considered as great watchdogs.

Lhasa Apso

An adaptive breed, the Lhasa Apso would be happy with a long walk or just by playing with toys in the apartment. They are good watchdogs but bark a lot. They don’t constantly need human companionship so if you work during the day, they are an ideal pet.

When you are living in a city and you desire a pet, then you can look for dog breeds for any 5 major metropolises in the country which would make you life a happy life with your dog in the city.

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