Know the best dog breeds that are naturally kid friendly
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Know the best dog breeds that are naturally kid friendly

Adopting a dog is more like choosing a family member. They can be great companions for kids, a source of unconditional love for them, and help them learn responsibility and cooperation. Although most dog breeds can turn out well for kids if properly trained, few selected breeds tend to naturally be kid-friendly. Here we have compiled a list of kid-friendly dog breeds that are suitable for families with kids.


Calm and affectionate, this breed is a loving and sociable family pet. They thrive in big-family settings and are great watchdogs. They have an incredible reputation for being great in the company of children, with whom they are exceptionally gentle and patient. Having a bulldog around your child is a great choice as they are naturally loving.


Beagles are exceptional hunting dogs known for their happy-go-lucky attitude. And thanks to their puppy dog expression and floppy-ears, they look adorable. This breed is known to be very fond of children, and that is what makes a beagle an excellent family dog. They have a fun-loving personality that is neither aggressive nor timid.


Gentle Giants as they are called—the Newfoundland is a large working dog known for their giant size, intelligence, calmness, strength, and loyalty. These lovely giants are one of the most kid-friendly dog breeds, thanks to their gentle nature and soft fur.

Golden Retriever

It is the friendly nature, intelligence, and loving attitude towards children that makes the Golden Retriever an ultimate family dog. This good-natured breed is highly tolerant to noise and commotion of children. These amiable retrievers can play an essential role in the life of your little ones.

Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

The soft-coated Wheaten Terrier is another happy, friendly, and deeply devoted breed considered as one of the ideal kid-friendly dog breeds. This breed can adapt into any household as long as it gets proper exercise.


Originally a native of Scotland, this breed was primarily bred as a hunting dog. It is their sensitive nature, intelligence, undying loyalty, and love for children that makes the Collie a perfect family dog. They are highly protective of the kids and would always try to keep them safe from outsiders.

Labrador Retriever

As the name says, this breed is an excellent retriever for hunters and can also be a great companion for families. Their warm nature makes them the perfect dog for kids. They are the kind of dogs who would happily attend your kid’s birthday party and will be more than ready to wear a birthday hat!

Dogs are individuals, and training plays a significant role in grooming their personality. However, one must follow necessary precautions and supervise the interaction between a dog and a child to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. There are many kid-friendly dog breeds, so you won’t have a difficult time choosing a pet for your home.

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