Top seven rare cat breeds in the world
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Top seven rare cat breeds in the world

Talking about cat breeds, Shorthair and Persian are the ones that mostly come to our minds. But which are the rare cat breeds? Ever heard of Sokoke or a Minskin? Even if you are a cat lover, chances are that you might not have heard of them. Well, there are many more such cat breeds. Let’s look at some of the rare cat breeds and see if you can recognize any of them.

Peterbald: The Peterbald does look like it is weak and unavailing. But that’s not the fact. They are lovely and sweet and are very similar in their looks as compared to hairless Sphynx. They are quite warm and have an average body temperature of around 105 degrees. This body temperature also helps them to increase their metabolism and keep them away from diseases.

Kurilian Bobtail: This breed is not the outcome of selective breeding, but originated naturally. They are mostly found in Europe and few parts of Russia. They are counted among the most intelligent rare cat breeds and are known to be self-sufficient and kind.

Burmilla: Burmilla is a mix of Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian. They are known to come into existence since the late 1980s. Burmilla is recognized for its cuteness and is very adorable and sincere.

Minskin: This is one of the rare cat breeds, which came into existence from a cross between the Munchkin and the Sphynx. They are cute, hairless, and very friendly in nature. As compared to their legs, their eyes and ears are large. Their innocent look can quickly make you fall in love with them.

Pixie-bob: They have a dog-like behavior and are known for their loyalty and intelligence. Their eye shades range from gold to copper color. These cats are very social and of friendly nature.

Khao Manne: They are white breed cats, very human-friendly and have a diamond eye. They love to interact with humans and quickly get involved with children and other pets. Their body is a pure white coat.

Japanese Bobtail: They come into the category of highly energized breed cats. They quickly adjust to the human environment and are known for their intelligence. They are quite flexible and speak in a soft and sweet tone. Japanese Bobtail heads are triangular and have oval eyes and with a short tail.

Cats have immense beauty and are very appealing in nature. Irrespective of their breed, whether they belong to the category of rare cat breeds or the most common ones you get to see every day, they love being surrounded by humans, and most of them often get close to children easily. If you have a liking towards owning a pet and would like a one that is rarely found, you can choose from these top 7 rare cat breeds as per your liking.

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