5 tips on how to care for your dogs with asthma
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5 tips on how to care for your dogs with asthma

Dogs and asthma are not common together, but when it happens to dogs, it is usually very severe. If you find that your dog is having difficulty in breathing, then chances are that it might be suffering from asthma. Inflamed lungs cause asthma attack and the cause of this inflammation can either be an illness or an allergy wherein your dog comes in contact with something that it is allergic to. In both cases, you need to follow a proper asthma treatment for dogs so that they will enjoy a healthy life.

Below mentioned are some of the steps a dog owner must follow for dogs with asthma.

Find the allergen:

First thing first. Try to find the allergen and eliminate it from your pet’s life. As asthma is related to inhalation, it becomes easier for you to detect the root cause.

Eliminate the root cause:

Although dogs and asthma conditions are not very frequent, yet knowing about the most common causes behind it is always prudent for a pet owner. Cigarette smoke, wood burning stoves, floor cleaning products, air fresheners, and other such products are some things you must keep at bay from dogs, as they are some known elements, which cause asthma.

Follow proper medication:

Dogs with asthma should be given proper medication. Visit a nearby vet doctor for your dog’s treatment. Histamines are one of the key factors in the inflammation of airways, so the vet doctor will recommend some antihistamines for your dog’s asthma treatment. Some dogs and asthma related conditions might be quite fatal. In such cases, based on the severity of asthma, your dog might also be given bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Try some home remedies:

Along with medications, try some regular and natural home remedies for your affected dog. Use a humidifier in the air around your dog’s environment. Also add few amounts of essential oil in it like peppermint essential oil.

Check your dog’s weight:

Dogs tend to lose weight, while suffering from asthma. Check their weight often and maintain a proper diet routine for your dog. Include raw and fresh diet containing proteins in your dog’s meal.

So the next time you come across someone telling you, “dogs and asthma? Never.” let them know otherwise. If you observe your dog coughing more than usual, be prepared for an asthma attack, which may occur in near future. The best way to find and confirm if your dog is having asthma is to take him/her to a vet doctor. Your dog’s vet can also help you determine the root cause and provide better recommendations to control the disease. He will conduct proper check-ups, take chest X-rays of the dog, and then prescribe the right medicines and treatment.

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