Essential tips to protect your pets from wild animals
Pet Care December 4, 2017

Essential tips to protect your pets from wild animals

While living with you offers your pet proper shelter and care, you also share your habitats with wildlife and can be a threat to your pets. Depending on where you live, these threats may range from birds of prey to mountain bears. An attack from a wildlife predator can happen too fast for you to take any action. So, it becomes vital to keep your pets safe from dangerous wildlife. Read on to know how.

Tips to keep your pet safe when taking them on walks

Keep animals out of your home

For pets, wildlife can be a threat every moment. You need to ensure that you keep your pets safe from such danger. Keeping your garden or yard, free from any open food is vital to keep animals away. It is important to keep your doors locked. If your neighborhood is infested with animals like coyotes or large rats, ensure that you have nets installed on the windows, thereby restricting the rats from entering your home. Secure your trash cans and keep the compost in your garden far away from your house. This will ensure that rodents and other animals do not come looking for food.

Keep your pets on leash while going outdoors

It is a known fact that for pets, wildlife attacks can be life-threatening. Your pet might not be able to defend itself. Therefore, it is advisable to put your pet on a leash and, also carry a walking stick when going out on walks to fend off predators in such a case. If you have a small dog or cat, you can simply pick them up when you spot a predator. Stray dogs and cats can also be a problem for your pets in some cases. It is recommended that owners increase the distance from wildlife or stray animals to avoid any conflicts.

Equip yourself with tools

If you happen to be living in mountainous regions and close to predators like bears or mountain lions, it is essential to know how to defend yourself. In such scenarios encountered by your pets, wildlife can be fatal not only for them but also for you. Having the right tools and training to ward off such dangerous encounters is essential.

Stay alert and know how to deal when faced with an attack

You need to be mentally alert and quick on your feet to fend off predators and escape. Never look large predators in the eyes; it only makes the situation worse. Try to divert their attention by rushing into places where they cannot reach you. If you are not too far away from a populated area, shout for help as quickly and loudly as possible. Carrying pepper spray can help you escape from such nasty situations.

However, remember that though it can be dangerous to your pets, wildlife should not be harmed unless it is a life or death situation and you have no other options.

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