Five effective home remedies to prevent the spread of fleas on pets
Pet Care December 4, 2017

Five effective home remedies to prevent the spread of fleas on pets

Owning a pet comes with its own set of problems. Trivial, it might sound, but fleas, dogs and cats are affected by, can be quite bothersome, especially when you have tried an endless range of products that promise keeping the flea at arm’s length from your beloved pets with no success, though.

Now, it’s time you tried these simple yet effective natural home remedies to deal with fleas that dogs and cats are troubled with. And what more, these remedies are safe as well compared to chemical-infused products available at any store!

Lemon spray

When it comes to using fresh lemons for putting a stop to the spreading of fleas, the result can be a truly satisfying one. To use fresh lemon as flea repellent, cut it into two halves. Keep the slices covered in boiling water and let them sit for the whole night. Then all you need to do is spray some of this mixture on your pets the next morning, avoiding the eye areas to observe excellent results.

Apple cider vinegar

The mixture of raw apple cider vinegar and water works great for prevention of fleas, which dogs and cats usually encounter. Spraying this mixture all over the body of your pet, especially the areas behind the legs or the ears, can give you quick results. For those whose pets are not comfy with being sprayed, using flea combs dipped in the mixture can also be helpful.


Unknown to many, the super handy and simple home remedy of saltwater also acts as a great flea repellent. For those who want to protect their pets from fleas, cleaning the house with salt water, especially the places where the pets sit or rest is essential. Sprinkling some salt on the carpet also helps in killing flea eggs and larva.


You can use rosemary leaves to treat fleas, which dogs and cats suffer from. The anti-inflammatory properties it has not only boost hair growth that was lost due to constant itching and scratching the areas of flea bites but also prevent the fleas from spreading. Steeping rosemary leaves in boiling water and using the strained liquid mixed with water on your pets can be very helpful.


The stems and leaves of eucalyptus also do wonders in discouraging the spreading of fleas. Placing open jars containing eucalyptus stems or leaves around the house and inside the rooms where your pet spends maximum time, can help you get rid of fleas.

Remember, once your pet gets fleas, they spread and increase very quickly. Therefore, it’s essential that you try the home remedies to get rid of them as soon as you notice them. Resorting to natural home remedies may take time, but, in the end, with proper planning and effort, you can ensure a safe and damage-free flea removal for your pets.

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