Here’s how you can keep your pets safe during winters
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Here’s how you can keep your pets safe during winters

Your pet may love winter and might be fond of being inside that cozy blanket. But as a pet owner, when it comes to cold weather safety, it becomes an important and crucial factor for you to look after your pet. There is a misconception going around that most pets, especially dogs, have a fur on their body and can, therefore, tolerate cold more than humans. Well, this viewpoint may be differ from person to person, but one thing for sure is that your pets need extra care and protection during the winter season.

Below are some effective cold weather safety tips that you can follow for your pets so that they stay safe this winter.

Avoid ice accumulation:

Chances are that your pet might not be able to realize where he is stepping or what he is stepping into. Ice can be a real danger to them. Also, such surface is very slippery, which can enhance the level of damage caused to them.

Take your pet out only in sunlight:

Take your pet out only when the temperature is warm. The preferred time for outside walk is afternoon. Try to avoid early morning walks and late night walks as these are the times when the temperature outside dips to its lowest.

Avoid room heaters:

In order to fetch heat, your pet might go very near room heaters, which may harm them. It’s better to get baseboard radiators installed in your room. This will protect them from burning and at the same time, keep them warm. This is one of the best cold weather safety methods you can adopt during the winter for your pet.

Use sweaters for your pets:

Severe cold weather can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. In addition, if your pet is short haired, he is more sensitive to cold weather. In such cases, sweaters are the best alternative for your pet’s cold weather safety.

Don’t leave your pets in the car:

Just like your vehicle traps heat in the summer, it can stay cold on a winter day. Don’t leave your pets in a car alone for a long time as doing so can freeze your pet to death.

In order to be a responsible pet owner, it becomes your foremost duty to take care of your pet in winter. Just like you take ample of care to ensure hot weather safety protection for your pets, taking care of them during winters is of utmost importance. You can provide a light bulb overhead for some extra warmth. Putting extra attention on the wellbeing of your pet this winter will make both of you enjoy the weather. Hence, put in that extra bit of effort to understand your pet well and shower extra love and care towards them.

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