How to keep your pets safe from being stolen
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How to keep your pets safe from being stolen

The issue of pet theft is on the rise in the modern world. The most common victims of the inopportune incidents are dogs. There are so many reasons, ranging from laboratory experimentation to selling to bidders, for pilfering pets. However, stop worrying as there are several gadgets and devices that can help you keep your pets safe. As said, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you need to follow some opportune tips to minimize the chances of your dog, or some other pet, being stolen.

Ensure adequate fencing

If you keep your pets in the yard, then it’s better to have some kind of fencing. The fencing needs to be sufficient in length to avoid any chances of your pet crossing it. In addition to preventing your pet from getting misplaced, it also reduces the risk of someone taking the pet with them at some opportune moment.

Change your walk schedule frequently

Many cases of dog thefts result as snatching during their regular nature walk schedule. To avoid such a pet theft scenario, you can change your walk location and timing frequently. In this way, someone malevolent looking to snatch your dog won’t be able to decide the location where your dog will be found at a specific time.

Never leave your pet alone

You might not want your dog to be alone, especially in public. Therefore, accompany it wherever it goes. If required, you can use a tracking device to let your pet enjoy wandering while you’re updated on its whereabouts. However, when not using any tracking device, it’s better to accompany your pet.

Use micro-chipping

Micro-chipping is another effective anti-pet theft measure. The procedure involves the painless insertion of a microchip under the animal’s skin. The microchip inserted is very small, about the size of a rice grain, and transmits the location of the animal that can be tracked using some kind of locator device.

Prepare for perfect recall

You need to prepare your pet for a total recall. It can be a particular sound or word that allows them to understand that they need to be present right in front of you as soon as you do that. In various cases, dogs run away not to return. A perfect recall might help you in such situations when they are more distracted than usual.

Use opportune dog tracking devices

Here are five most opportune tracking devices that can save your dog from becoming a victim of pet theft. You can use any of these for tracking your dog and stay updated with your dog’s position:

  • Tagg GPS Pet Tracker
  • Garmin Astro 320 Tracking Device
  • Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor Camera
  • Canary All-in-One Home Security Device
  • LED Outdoor Security Floodlight with Light Sensor

With these tips, you can ensure that your pet stay safe from pet thieves.

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