Protect your dog’s paws with the best waxes and creams
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Protect your dog’s paws with the best waxes and creams

You can’t keep your dog from playing outdoors, be it any weather including winters. But you should know that while their fur paws offer a lot of protection from everyday weather, the harsh cold of the winter air can dry up their paws and cause irreversible damage through frostbite or hypothermia.

Easy to apply winter paw, skin care waxes and creams are readily available for you to add a layer of protection on their paws. These waxes are completely safe for application as they are made of natural products and do not contain any unwanted chemicals that may harm your pet. The top three products you can use on your pet include the following:

Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

Available in 60-gram to 200-gram packs, this all-natural wax is not only meant for protection in cold weather, but all year long. The wax is designed to protect your pet from sand, hard surfaces, cold, heat, and salt. This winter paw, skin care wax is free of any toxic materials or chemicals that may cause allergic reactions, abrasions or any other kind of damage to your pet. The wax moisturizes your dog’s paws and keeps them healthy and free from any paw problems. It creates a semi-permeable shield, rich in Vitamin E. This prevents any damage during walking, hunting, or other outdoor activities.

Natural Dog Paw Soother Wax

Natural Dog Company’s winter paw, skin care wax is made of organic wax and carefully selected vegan ingredients. It is one of the quickest acting waxes available for dogs, and the product has been certified by pet care professionals. Made in the US, the product is designed to prevent any cracking, chapping, or peeling of the paws in cold weather. It also helps heal any damage that may have already been caused due to climatic conditions. The skin care product is made of various natural oils and extracts to keep your pet’s paws hydrated and spongy.

Ruff Relief Balm for Dogs

The Ruff Relief Balm for Dogs is a great winter paw, skin care product to soothe and protect your dog’s paws and nose. Made of purely organic ingredients, this “made in the US” product has an organic seal by the USDA to authenticate its contents. Various natural oils and waxes are used to ensure your dog gets proper nourishment. The ingredients are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and come with added non-GMO Vitamin E to create a layer of protection for your dog’s paws in winter.

These are some of the best products you can get to be prepared for the winters when the temperatures go low, and your pet needs that extra bit of care to be comfortable. And what’s more? These are just a mouse click away online. Moreover, you can also check these products out in offline stores.

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