Tips to make the road trip memorable for you and your pet
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Tips to make the road trip memorable for you and your pet

After singling out a pet-friendly vacation destination for the perfect road trip, the next step is to make sure your furry companion is safe, secure, and comfortable throughout the journey. Lack of information or considered trivial or just overlooked, name it anything, but the truth is that car safety for pets is seldom taken seriously. While taking a pet along on vacation is a great idea, it is not quite right to expect them to adjust. Here is how to make the entire experience pleasant for them.

Choosing the right ride

The first and foremost step is selecting the right car. A hatchback or a small wagon is the perfect choice for a small-sized pet. This allows pets to stretch their legs and be more comfortable. For a larger-sized pet, one would need to opt for a big vehicle such as an SUV. This gives the pet enough space, and it is easy to fit their traveling cage or carrier as well. Whatever the choice is, it is important that the cars have tie downs so that the pets are secured safely inside the vehicle.

Mat/travel bed

If the pet has a bed at home, then it is advisable to take it along. This will keep the pet’s anxiety levels low and make it feel more comfortable in new surroundings. One can also buy a travel bed from the market that is designed specifically for travel purposes. It is essential that the pets remain calm, composed, and feel at home while traveling. This will make them more cooperative. All this put together ensures adequate car safety for pets.

Pet barrier

Pet barriers are available widely in pet stores in various sizes and are designed especially for cars, irrespective of the make and model. This barrier provides pets with enough room and space to move around and stretch their legs. While in the car, the barrier can help pets have their little area. This is also an excellent option to make sure they remain in one place throughout the journey. To ensure car safety for pets, investing in barriers might be a good choice.

Water bowl

Make sure the area allotted for the pet in the car with pet barriers is equipped with a water bowl (preferably re-sealable). It will be an added bonus if it is collapsible and spill-proof. Browse the market for an appropriate water bowl, which will keep the pet hydrated and healthy during the road trip.


This is the most critical aspect to ensure car safety for pets. A harness helps in keeping the pets from bumping into things and other parts of the car. A proper harness will let the pet stay in one place and keep them and the other travelers safe and peaceful throughout the journey.

So just as you want your vacation to be comfortable, it is essential to make sure your pet’s holiday is safe and comfortable as well. Ponder on the points discussed and plan a great road trip, along with your pet companion.

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