6 tips for dealing with dogs that are picky eaters
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6 tips for dealing with dogs that are picky eaters

Just like humans, the way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach. Therefore, healthy and tasty dog food can be the key to keep your pet content. But, sometimes dogs turn into picky eaters and refuse to eat the food given to them every day. Dealing with such picky pet eaters becomes difficult after a point, but you can’t ignore it either, as your pet’s health may deteriorate severely. In case you have a dog that refuses to eat, here are 6 fantastic tips that can normalize their eating habits.

Find out the cause first

Identifying the cause of your dog’s picky eating habits should be your priority. The weather, its health, and the nature of the food itself are a few common reasons. However, it’s best to take advice from a trusted vet, who may be able to pinpoint the exact reason, and what you need to do to deal with it.

Stop giving food from the table

If you often throw a piece of meat or a slice of bread to your dog from your table, you should stop right now. It may encourage your dog to skip the meals meant for them, while they munch on the leftovers from your lunch and dinner.

Introduce interesting dietary changes

For many picky pet eaters, the main reason behind their disinterest in food is eating the same food every single time. Just like humans, dogs do love a change of taste from time to time. From slices of chicken or beef to vegetable broth, adding a few twists in their daily food can get them eating again.

Stick with a healthy feeding schedule

Even if your dog refuses to eat, you must learn to stick to a feeding schedule. Feeding your dog at random hours of the day will not do any favors for its appetite. Instead, it will just make it less hungry, and if not checked, might lead to serious digestive issues for your pet.

Stop giving too many treats

To bring your picky pet eaters on the right track giving a treat sometimes can be an excellent trick, but overdoing it is a bad idea. Giving your dogs too many treats puts their digestive system at risk.

Give them enough attention

Last but not least, learn to spend more time with your pet if you haven’t already. Sometimes, it is only to get your attention that dogs refuse to eat. Therefore, if you love your dog, show it that you care; it can automatically motivate him to eat.

So, the next time your dog is averse to his food or starts showing signs of being a picky eater, you know exactly what to do. Rule out the health issues first and try the tips and tricks mentioned above to make your picky pet eaters eat heartily.