7 Holiday foods that can be hazardous to pets
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7 Holiday foods that can be hazardous to pets

The holiday season has most people in a merry mood. As much as you love your pet, often you may forget to take care of your pet when are busy during a festival.

Pets generally tend to chew on any object they find. The food we have around during the holiday season may not be suitable for your animal at home. In fact, the holiday meal can make them sick. These foods have high amounts of calories that your pet may not be able to handle. Although it may be mild in a few cases it may also lead to longtime diseases.

It is best to stay cautious and keep them away from these holiday food hazards for pets this season.


Pies have ingredients such as spices, sugar, and dairy. Based on the pie your ingredients may vary. But the bottom line is they are essentially high in fat. This can lead to a stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea. In small animals, it can also lead to intestinal blockage, which may require emergency surgery. So make sure you keep all the pies out of your pets reach.


During the holiday season, you will have family and friends get together and naturally, a bottle or two is opened. However, ensure it is kept away from all pets. Both cats and dogs can land in the hospital if they consume alcoholic drinks. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause weakness vomiting and seizures in pets. This is the most likely holiday food hazards for pets.


With Christmas around the corner, ham and turkey are bound to be cooked. Pork and ham are meats that have high amounts of sodium and fats. When consumed by animals, it can make the pancreas to overreact leading to severe pain and even fatal pancreatic disorders. It may even cause decreasing appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. The bones in the meat can cause tooth fractures and get stuck in the stomach leading to a blockage in the intestine. So keep all the holiday meats away from your pet.

Mashed potatoes

Potatoes, in general, are safe for pets. However, mashed potatoes contain milk and butter which can lead to diarrhea in pets that are lactose intolerant. Also, there are recipes that require onion powder or even garlic which are toxic to pets.

Grapes and raisins

Everything from salads to drinks often has grapes and raisins. Both are extremely toxic and can be deadly to animals. The damage is irreversible in dogs and can even lead to kidney failure.


You can find this in the house all through the year. As much as we enjoy chocolates, they can be fatal to dogs. Darker the chocolate more harmful it is to animals. So keep all the chocolates in a secure place to avoid food hazards for pets.


You may need coffee to get through your day. But your pet definitely does not need any. Caffeine can cause abnormal heart rhythm, seizures, and even death in pets. Make sure that you don’t have leftover coffee mugs on the table at any time.

Keep your pet away from all these foods to ensure they are safe and healthy throughout the holiday season. By taking precautions you can avoid holiday food hazards for pets.