Benefits and risks of raw pet food
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Benefits and risks of raw pet food

Animals used to live on raw food before we domesticated them. However, we have got out pets used to food that is cooked and highly nutritional. It is devoid of any bacteria too.

Pet foods are manufactured keeping in mind all the nutrition they need. While raw meat is still the staple diet of wild animals, it is slowly making a comeback as several brands are selling them. There are many who argue that raw meat is harmful to pets. Nonetheless, there are facts supporting both sides.

Benefits of raw pet food

There are several benefits of raw pet food, some of which are discussed below:

  • Dental benefits

    The teeth of animals are meant to chew through raw meat. They don’t really need cooked food. It is a form of low impact exercise for the neck, jaw, forearms, and shoulders. It is even more beneficial for puppies. Moreover, chewing is a very relaxing activity for dogs. It is even considered as a street reliever.

  • Makes them stronger

    There are studies that say that raw meat is very good from the health point of view. It can build the animal’s resistance to disease and help them boost their immune system as they grow old. Raw pet food is also high in proteins.

  • Beneficial for the fur

    A raw diet is said to improve the complexion of pets. This is because meat has high nutritional value along with undamaged fatty acids.

Risks of raw meat

  • Safety

    Safety of your furry friend regarding healthy food must be given high importance. Raw meat has pathogens that can prove to be harmful to humans as well as dogs. Also, feeding them the bones that are in the meat can cause them to choke.

  • Nutritional value

    While you can curate the food and the nutrients your dog gets through the packed foods, you won’t have the same liberty with raw meat. There may be an imbalance in the vitamins and minerals you give them. Some deficiencies may even take months to show up.

  • Health hazards

    Raw meat is said to create digestion issues. It may be a serious problem in a few animals. It takes several hours to digest raw meat, thereby causing discomfort to your pet. They may also throw up if the food is not cooked in a proper way.

  • Inconvenience

    Feeding raw pet food can be a tedious job for you too. Raw food is very expensive. The number of brands that sell raw food for pets is few in number. Storage is also something you should be concerned about. It is a time-consuming ordeal that you should take up only if it fits your lifestyle.

There are both pros and cons to feeding raw pet food to your domesticated friends. Raw foods are slowly being preferred over other cooked ones by several people. However, it is best to try it gradually and see if your pet is getting accustomed to it. It is also better if you consult a vet before you change your pet’s diet completely.

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