Top 4 remedies for hairballs in cats
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Top 4 remedies for hairballs in cats

Cats and hairballs are interchangeable terms. However, “hairballs” isn’t just a fun name to address your kitty. It is also an undesired health condition. It can lead to intestinal blockages inside your kitty’s little stomach. Hence, you need to address them as soon as you come to know about it.

Though hairballs form in other animals too, it is common in cats. This is most notably caused by your kitty grooming itself, licking to be precise. Unfortunately, there isn’t any universal solution available to prevent hairballs in cats. However, follow the below list to check out some effective remedies for treating the condition in cats:

Regular cat grooming
You can minimize the chances of forming large hairballs inside your kitty’s stomach by removing more fur from it manually. Brushing or combing your cat regularly, daily or once in two days, can be an effective way of minimizing the undesired issue of unhealthy cats and hairballs.

In addition to reducing the risk of forming bigger hairballs in the stomach, regular brushing or combing is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your furry friend. Moreover, you should also consider taking your kitty to a professional groomer for effective grooming and a haircut once in every six months to maintain its look.

Specialized cat food with “hairball formula”
As the issue of cats and hairballs inside their stomach is very common, several cat food makers offer special foods that can curb the formation of hairballs in the first place. In most cat foods with hairball formula, the fiber content is high that assists by promoting formed hairballs to pass via the digestive system.

Other than minimizing the risk of hairball formation, such foods offer other perks as well to your furry friend. For instance, some cat foods with hairball formula claim to assist in improving the coat quality of your kitty while others minimize the degree of hair shedding.

Hairball product or laxative
The market is full of hairball products and mild laxatives that promote the removal of hairballs formed inside a cat via the digestive system. However, before using a hairball product or laxative for addressing the issue in your cat, you need to make sure it is safe. Giving a higher dose than recommended might lead to several other undesired health issues. Therefore, make sure you consult a vet before using a hairball product or laxative for your cat.

Avoid compulsive grooming
In some cases, several undesired health conditions including cats and hairballs are results of compulsive grooming. Some kitties are just so obsessed with grooming that it costs them their own health.

If your kitty is also suffering from such an issue, then you need to address it as quickly as possible. Teach your kitty to do something other than licking its own coat. Encourage it to play with a toy or with you, of course.

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