All about pet microchips
Pet Identification

All about pet microchips

We all are concerned about the safety and health issues of our loved ones, and for pet owners, their pets are one of the most important concerns. The health, safety and vaccination schedules of the pets must be tracked to keep them healthy. Pet identification tags or licensing is one way to ensure good health of your pets and it also helps to keep a tab on their vaccination and other schedules.

Why does a pet need an identification tag?

Because just like humans pets also need some ID proofs, these ID proofs help your pet to avoid getting into any stressful situation. The ID tags contain the information about the pets, the pet parent’s contact info, vaccination schedules and medical issues if any. Also if your pet has lost their way they can be easily located with the contact information mentioned on the identification tags.

There are different ways by which pets get their identification tags but commonly used is a collar which contains everything regarding the identity. Another way for ID is microchipping. Now, this raises the question as to what does pet microchips involve?

Pet microchip is a grain-sized radio frequency identification transponder which is planted between the shoulder blades behind the neck of the pet. This grain-sized chip contains all the contact information and other information regarding your pet against the chip number, every chip has its own unique chip number. The microchips can be quickly scanned through a microchip scanner, and if your pet gets lost, they can be easily located through the chip’s information.

How microchipping is done?

Microchipping pets are done through a simple process which causes minimal discomfort while the process is being performed. The ache or pain soon fades after a period. Microchipping is like an implant done on the animals.

How to get microchipping done?

You can directly contact the veterinary doctor for micro-chipping your pet. Some animal shelters also implant microchips and might hold microchipping events.

Is microchipping your pet cat or dog compulsory?

No, microchipping your pet is not compulsory and is left to the owner’s discretion. However, pet microchips can prove helpful at stressful times. But if you do decide to microchip your pet, ask your veterinarian for more information.

Is microchipping pets painful?

No, the process is not very painful. Of course inserting something under the skin might give your pet some kind of feeling or discomfort, but this sensation will fade away in a few minutes.

How can I get my pet microchipped?

You can go to authorized microchipped for implantation; also you can contact vets and animal welfare organizations.

Hence, microchipping is better than a collar or identification tags, and they can ensure the safety of your pets in a better way. The cost is also affordable, and this is done without any hassle.

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