Coolest identification related gifts for your pets
Pet Identification

Coolest identification related gifts for your pets

In today’s times, it’s easy to find anything, even your lost pet. The last thing that you would want to happen to your pet is for it to get lost, and the most important thing that you need to keep your pet safe is an ID tag. An ID tag is one of the necessities to identify your pet if it is lost. And there is a great variety of identification related pet gifts to choose from that not just serve the purpose of ID but give a stylish outlook as well.

QR Code Tags

One of the best identification related pet gifts you can opt for is a QR code tag. It is a great way to keep your personal information secure by not letting everyone who sees your pet know your name or address. But on the off chance that your pet is lost, anyone with a smartphone can simply scan the QR code with a QR code reader and know the details of its owner in an instant. Most QR codes also allow the owner to change the details associated with the QR code so if you relocate or need to change any information; it can be done in a matter of minutes right at your home.

Slider Tags

Slider Tags are a great alternative to classic dog tags as it prevents the tag from dangling around. If anyone needs to read the tags, they can just slide out the multiple tags and read them. Tags are laser engraved and placed securely on belts and are hard to be tampered with. Traditional dog tags can easily tear off due to wear and tear and are not particularly secure when compared to slider tags making the latter one of the best identification related pet gifts you can get. Slider tags can also come with detachable plates with various designs or cool quotes that you can have to add some variety to your pet’s ID tag look.

Jewelry Pet ID Tags

If you want to show off your pet’s ID, you can always add some bling to your pet’s tag. Crystal embedded tags are available, and they can make for excellent identification related pet gifts, and you can choose from a range of customization options. You can also go for tags with precious metals or stones to add that extra bit of wow factor. However, tags with such expensive elements can often attract the eyes of unscrupulous people among the public, and it’s important to be as less flashy as possible when choosing a costly ID tag. You can save such tags for special occasions such as your pet’s birthday or when you take your pet to a particular event.

As you can see, these personalized items make great gifting options for your pets as well as to friends or family who may have pets in their homes!

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