Tips to search for a lost pet
Pet Identification

Tips to search for a lost pet

If a pet gets lost, it is indeed a heart-wrenching situation for a pet parent. However, if something like this happens to you one fine day, try to be calm and form a lost pet recovery plan at the earliest. There might be various reasons for losing your pet. The following are the lost pet recovery strategies that you can count on to search for your lost pet as quickly as possible.

Spread the word

The first step you are supposed to take right after your pet disappears is to spread the word. You need to tell everybody that you have lost your pet and you need it back desperately. You can make those big, bright, and brief signboards containing the name of your pet, its photograph and probably the reward that you are willing to give someone who gets your pet back home. This is one of the most basic yet important lost pet recovery strategies.

Contact animal control agencies

As a part of your lost pet recovery plan, you should call all the animal control agencies, shelters, and rescue groups in your vicinity. They definitely look out for wandering dogs along the streets. If it is a dog, you should try to call shelters within a 60-mile radius, for cats it would be within a 5-7 house radius from your home.

Ads in local newspapers

Most of the time, pets don’t go far away but simply get lost somewhere in the vicinity. Therefore, make sure that you place ads in the local newspapers. Additionally, you could make announcements on the local radio stations so that people know it is your pet and the place where they are supposed to leave it.

Be persistent

Pets neither disappear nor come back as per their owner’s intent. It is an unpleasant occurrence, which just happens on its own. Therefore, you need to be persistent in your search. You are required to search for them patiently for a long time. Most of the time, it happens that pets reach animal shelters when their owners stop searching for them. Such pets sadly end up staying in shelters or reaching homes of some new pet parents who adopt them. Therefore, stop your lost pet recovery plan only when you have searched for your lost pet for a considerably long time. Don’t get disheartened and stop your search earlier than required.

Pet detective

If you just cannot remain without your pet and you wish to find it as soon as possible, you can use the services of a pet detective as part of your lost pet recovery plan. Pet detectives offer professional and effective services that help reunite pet parents with their lost pets quickly. These services can be a bit expensive, so hiring a pet detective largely depends on your budget.

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