10 most common dog diseases and illnesses
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10 most common dog diseases and illnesses

Being a doting and loving pet parent, you should be particular about the annual visits to the veterinarian. The vet gives a good look over and may recommend vaccines that are due or some preventive care routines. However, there are the common top 10 pet ailments that generally afflict dogs. Here is a list of the top 10 pet ailments for you to read through:

Allergic dermatitis

The skin seems flaky, rough and the dog is constantly licking or scratching itself. These are signs of allergic dermatitis. It is time to take your dog to the veterinarian.

Arthritis and joint pains

Bone joints become swollen and painful in arthritis. Arthritis can be detected during a routine check-up, but there is no cure for it. Supplements and treatments such as acupuncture may be recommended to keep your pet mobile for as long as possible.

Dental diseases

Spending time with your pet maybe great until you get a whiff of his breath. Dental problems such as tartar buildup and cavities are some of the top 10 pet ailments. Good oral health will also ensure overall health of the dog. A regular professional dental cleaning will work wonders.


If the dog remains unusually thirsty or urinates frequently, he may be suffering from diabetes mellitus. It is a part of the ageing process and can often be controlled through diet and exercise.

Accidents and broken bones

Imagine being hurt and not being able to explain or ask for what you need. That is exactly how a dog would feel. He may have hurt himself on the street or while playing. Check his gait for any signs of a limp.


At first glance you may not feel that your dog is obese. However, lay him down on the side and feel his ribs. If they are hard or even impossible to feel, then your pooch is overweight, a common one from the top 10 pet ailments. There is no quick fix, only a balanced diet and exercise will do the trick.

Kidney diseases

Diseases of the kidney may be congenital or might develop as the pet ages. In most cases, the health of the dog deteriorates quickly. The only way to be on the safe side is the annual health check-up to diagnose it as early as possible.

Flea and tick borne diseases

Fleas and ticks are not only unwanted crawlies on your pet’s fur but they are also carriers of diseases. Best way is to use a monthly topical preventative and keep checking your pets especially when they have played with other animals or have been in grassy areas.


A vector borne disease, it has been found in all 50 states of the US. It can be treated if detected early but a preventive vaccine always helps as it is spread by mosquitoes.

Ear infections

Most commonly seen in dogs who spend a lot of time outside. Some alien object such as grass seed might get lodged inside the dog’s ear, leading it to become irritated and eventually cause infection. You can easily detect it when the dog is pawing its ear often.

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