A simple guide on the cost of pet care
Pet Insurance

A simple guide on the cost of pet care

Are you thinking of getting an adorable puppy or cat to live with you? Before you think of buying a pet of your choice, ensure to check the cost of pet care as it depends and differs from breed to breed. First, ask yourself whether you can afford to be a pet owner, as the costs of having a pet can really go far beyond any initial adoption fee. It may actually reach hundreds of dollars. To know more, let’s check a simple breakdown of the cost of pet care, which you have to pay when getting a new pet:

  • Spaying your pet: $120–$200
  • Initial medical exam: $70–$130
  • Getting a collar or leash: $10–$30
  • A box to stay in: $25
  • Scratching post (mainly for cat): $30
  • Crate (depending on the size of the dog): $95–$120
  • Carrying crate: $40–$60
  • Training (for dog): $110

Thus, the total cost of pet care which you have to pay when you buy the pet would be approximately $565 for dogs and $365 for cats. In addition to the above, there are some costs, which you have to pay annually. A few of them are listed below:

  • Food: $120 for dogs, and $145 for cats
  • Annual medical tests: $235 for dogs and $130 for cats
  • Litter (for cat): $200
  • Toys and treats: $25–$55
  • License (for dog): $15
  • Pet health insurance: $175–$225
  • Miscellaneous: $30–$45

Thus, the total of cost of pet care, which must be paid every year is approximately $695 for dogs and $705 for cats.

It is obvious that owning a pet could cost you over $1,000 in the first year, and you will have to pay at least $500 every year. Additionally, you also have to take into consideration any sudden medical expenses as those will imply paying extra money for tests and medicines.

Beside all the above costs, owning a pet equates to putting in some time and effort towards their well-being. You will need to feed your pet thrice a day, take it for a daily walk (especially dogs), give it a shower, and many others. Furthermore, you will have to get a pet health insurance. When you have such an insurance, you won’t have to pay much money, if your animal gets sick.

Additional tips from pets owners

Some of the pet owners suggest that you buy food and some daily needs in bulk, which would save some money. Others are of the opinion that there may come some extra expenses as the pet could ruin some furniture, food, clothes, etc. Eventually, you have to make some researches and calculations to determine the needed budget before taking the first step of buying a pet.

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