Tips to take care of your pets during the holiday season
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Tips to take care of your pets during the holiday season

It might be interesting to note that research was carried out recently to predict the most dangerous holidays for pets. It was designed with the aim to help make people aware of the fact that some holidays may prove to be dangerous for pets. The results were very predictive in nature in the sense that the most dangerous days were the days when it begins to get warmer as people and their pets become more active, they tend to venture outside more, and are more exposed to risk. The most dangerous holidays for pets were found on the basis of a change in routine as it often led to accidents such as broken bones, poisonings, burns, etc.

You need not worry about some of these most dangerous holidays for pets. We have a roundup of tips to look out for when caring for your pet during the holiday season:

It is not necessary to keep your pet at home during the potentially high-risk holiday season but being aware of the potential dangers is not a bad idea either.

One should know where to find a veterinarian during the holiday season if your regular one is not available. Knowing emergency care options is a good idea.

With the advent of the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, it generally is the time for comfort foods and pets get in on the fun by lapping up table scraps or nosing around the pantry. They have a lower tolerance for certain spices and condiments; therefore, as a pet owner, you would have to be careful about the toxicity of various food items for your furry friend.

Animals and pets in particular will often chew plants even though they are carnivorous. This is so because plants act as roughage and help to pass food through the intestines. Some plants might lead to mild indigestion while others may be highly toxic. You will need to know which plants are to be kept out of the reach of pets.

You may tend to get stressed or might have pulled a few muscles in your excitement when preparing for the holiday season or decorating your home for Christmas. This may find you relying heavily on a couple of pain relievers; however, these may cause serious complications in your pet. Keep all your over-the-counter and prescription medicines safely out of the reach of your furry friend.

Pets have a knack of getting the feel of the impending holiday season but may not appreciate the beauty of the decor. If your pet seems to have an affinity for chewing all things shiny, then keep tiny decorations, ornaments, and wreaths all out of its line of sight.

Last but not the least, The Fourth of July is one of the 3 most dangerous holiday for pets. The firework-filled celebration makes them scared and anxious. They may hurt themselves while just trying to escape. Most pets get into a panic mode with so much noise. On your part, you can try to soothe your pet and keep them engaged mentally and physically so as to distract them from the noise.

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