5 ways to keep your pets safe from summer heat and strokes
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5 ways to keep your pets safe from summer heat and strokes

Pets and heat strokes almost go hand in hand. Most pets are susceptible to injuries and illnesses related to summers, which can cause organ failure, brain damage, convulsions and even death. Heat exhaustion is the early stage of heat stroke when the body starts overheating. Symptoms of heat in pets include are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, heavy panting and the reddening of the skin inside the ears. Heat stroke is a serious level of heating up when the pet’s natural body mechanism is not able to keep the temperature low.

Prevention is always better than cure when the matter is related to your pets and heat. Moreover, pets who have suffered heat stroke once have more possibility of getting it again, so preventive steps need to be taken. As a proactive pet parent, you must protect them from the summer heat, heat exhaustion, and its more deadly infestation, which is heat stroke. Here are some practices which you can follow:

Limit walks to the least number of times

With soaring temperatures, keep the outings only to the very necessary ones and that too possibly in the mornings or late evenings. Do not let your pet linger on hot surfaces especially on cement or asphalt. It can burn the sensitive paw pads.

Trim your pet’s hair

Getting rid of excess fluff on the skin can definitely make it airy and breathable for the pet. This makes them more comfortable and free. But make sure it is not very close to the skin as an inch of hair will protect the delicate skin from getting sunburnt.

Let your pet have an easy access to cool and fresh water

Along with good quality food, liquids are essential too. Pets which generally stay out should have a lot of shady areas and plenty of cool water to keep their body heat from soaring.

Let them in the pool

Many pets enjoy a splash or a waddle in the pool. If your pet likes playing in water, then it is good news for you as it will help in reducing the body temperature faster. Even a run through the sprinkler can help bring down the heat.

Do not leave your pet in a parked car

The temperature inside a closed car can become oven-like in a few minutes, even if it is parked in shade. Since pets and heat can never gel well, this could prove fatal for the pet.

If you have any inclination that your pet is suffering from heat stroke, immediately remove the dog from the hot area and wet him thoroughly with cool water. Increase the circulation of air around him preferably with a fan. Allow him free access to water, but do not force him to drink. Take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible as they can monitor the affected pets and heat conditions better.

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