Best medicines to get rid of pet parasites
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Best medicines to get rid of pet parasites

Domesticated animals are commonly targeted by pet parasites. Your pets can acquire them from fellow animals or while roaming in the backyard. As it’s illegitimate to stop your dog from going outdoors or having a nature walk in the park, there are several efficient ways to deal with parasites. So, to prevent the pet parasites to affect your furry friends, ensure that you take some precautionary measures for the same. If the pet parasites worsens the health of your dog then you should consult the vet the earliest. But before that you could take the help of some of the most effective medicines for parasites in pets that are listed below:

  • Carrots

    A great natural remedy for treating pet parasites on your dog is carrots. Chopped carrots added to the dog’s food are an effectual de-wormer. Grated carrots, on the other hand, mixed with dog food, are ideal for giving a boost to the immune system as well as for fighting infections.

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

    Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an effective remedy for reducing worms in your pet. There are two separate labels for the remedy – Food Grade DE and Pool Grade DE. Use Food Grade DE, as Pool Grade DE is potentially toxic to your pet. It can be mixed with dog food. Make sure DE is well mixed with the food, as its inhalation might result in irritation.

  • Garlic

    In addition to bringing several health benefits to the table, garlic is a great natural way to treat pet parasites. Grating and mixing garlic with fennel yields something that can boost your dog’s immune system, as well as relieve it from parasite attack.

  • Oregon grape

    Berberine is a herbal compound that fights infection, boosts immunity, and works as an antiseptic. Oregon grape contains a good amount of berberine, which is clinically proven to be effective against bacteria, fungi, parasite, and virus attacks. Oregon grape is also a great liver tonic for your dog.

  • Supplemental enzymes

    Enzymes have a caustic nature, which destroys the worm’s outer coating. It leads them to weaken and loosen their hold on the intestinal walls. Dried fig and ficin, the enzyme it consists, are excellent supplemental enzymes to keep your dog free from worms and other parasitic conditions.

  • Pumpkin seeds

    Another opportune natural medicine to get rid of pet parasites is pumpkin seeds, which are effectual in treating human parasitic conditions. Recent studies have revealed that pumpkin seeds are effective in deworming and expelling tapeworms in dogs. Pumpkin seeds are rich in cucurbitacin, an amino acid that paralyzes worms and assists in expelling the same from the digestive tract.

  • Wormwood

    Used for expelling roundworms, threadworms, and tapeworms for a fairly long time, wormwood is an effectual herbal remedy. You can add about a quarter teaspoon of dried wormwood to your pet’s food. However, you need to take good care while working with wormwood, as its overuse can damage your pet’s nervous system.

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