Effective treatments for cataract in pets
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Effective treatments for cataract in pets

As your pet age, you might see some milkiness in their eyes. Changes in the lens fibers of the eyes are the common possible cause of the same. This is usually referred to as cataracts in pets and is normal to occur amongst pets that are aging. When the eye lens that is located directly behind the iris is clouded, it prevents the light from passing to the retina, which can cause partial or complete loss of vision. Any chronic disease, immune disorders, and in fewer cases, some ear problems are some of the causes of occurrence of this problem.

Cataracts in pets generally lead to a blurry vision. You certainly cannot embed a pair of glasses to your pet. Therefore, you need some proper remedies to deal with this issue. Discussed below are some of the possible treatments you can look for:

Cineraria eye drops:

Cineraria has the capacity to clear and diffuse interfering fibrils in the lens. It is gluten-free and is the most valuable remedy for cataracts in pets. It has a quick healing process and increases circulation in the tissues of the eyes. It is recommended to start using Cineraria eye drops at an early stage of cataract.


It is used as a herbal supplement and helps in enhancing the action of Vitamin C in pets. It aids in blood circulation and treats allergies in eyes. It is advised to use Bioflavonoid as per the vet’s prescription and should be used in a limited dose.


This is an oral medication used for the congestion of the eyes and other problems related to cataracts in pets. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Use of Eyebright in a limited dosage and as recommended can reduce the problem to a great extent.


It has been used as a herbal medicine for centuries. Its antioxidant properties can treat the eye disorders in pets, mostly eye cataract. It contains flavonoids that increase capillary strength and lowers blood sugar in pets.

Milk thistle:

In order to get help with chronic eye problems, getting the cat’s liver cleansed is a better option. Milk thistle helps in cleaning and nourishing the liver. It assists in strengthening and detoxifying the liver and in reducing common eye problems like cataracts in pets.

Please note that the remedies mentioned above should be taken with proper consultation from the vet. A visit to a veterinary ophthalmologist is a must before following any medication. A vet can check and do a complete test and can tell better about the best solution for your pet’s cataract. The treatment and the solution totally depend on the age of your pet and the stage of development.

In addition, the above recommendations cannot and should never be replaced with your pet’s ongoing medications (if any). Remember to always discuss with your vet before commencing any course of medication for your cat.

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