Essential tips to keep your pet safe in winters
Pet Medicine December 8, 2017

Essential tips to keep your pet safe in winters

Just as humans have to go through different seasons, pets also have to go through the same. They might feel the chills during winter and the heat strokes during summers. Filled with excitement and joy, winter holidays are loved by humans. But your pets may not feel so, especially if your furry companion is an active one who spends most of his time in your backyard. There are quite a few dangers associated with the most frigid of all the seasons, and thus the onset of winter must see you take very good care of your pets and consult a specialist as and when required, without any kind of delay.

The seasonal pet hazards need a lot of attention and the most common of the pet hazards in the winter season are enumerated below.


You might think that since your pet has a fur body, it would not catch a cold. But they are not less prone to the severe effects of winter. If the body temperature of the pet drops below the normal range of 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, it begins to suffer from hypothermia, which if not treated, might lead to failure of the heart, coma and eventually death. Moreover, frostbite might also occur in the limbs, feet, ears, etc.

Thus, if you own adult pets, you must take them outdoors with protective wear. However, avoid taking out the little ones outdoors, irrespective of their clothing.


The winter holidays would not be the same without Holly and mistletoe, but it is extremely unfortunate that these holiday plants might cause acute gastrointestinal disorders, difficulty in breathing and even failure of the heart when your pets ingest them. Thus, you should be extremely careful with these seasonal pet hazards.


During the winter season, it might be from a spill while topping off the radiator of the car or it might be from a leak as well, antifreeze, the coolant for your wheel’s engine, is very dangerous for the pets. Antifreeze, often sweet to taste and brightly colored, attracts the pets. It contains an ingredient called ethylene glycol, which can prove fatal for the pets. Therefore, you need to be wary of these seasonal pet hazards.

Cozy, but not safe

Snuggling into a cozy place is a sure thing to do in winter, but beware that the feline family considers your car engine cozy enough. They can easily get on top or into the engine. So keep them away from your car, lest it becomes a potential hazard for your precious pet.

Keep a few simple, yet vital things in your mind to keep your pets away from the seasonal pet hazards, especially in winter. First and foremost, cover up your pet with sufficient clothing. Finish off the seasonal shots, and stock up essential medications. Last, but not the least, seek professional care when your pet runs into a potential hazard.

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