4 effective tips to introduce your senior cat to a kitten
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4 effective tips to introduce your senior cat to a kitten

Getting your older cat accept a new kitten in the house can be a challenging task but it might be a success if done the right way. After all, every cat wishes to be the only darling pet of his or her owner. Sharing the attention of their owner with another cat may be difficult for senior cats, and they might need lots of your time and patience before accepting a newly introduced kitten.

Knowing how to persuade your older cat to accept the new kitten will make the job much simpler. Here are a few ways of introducing senior cats to kittens, which will ensure a healthy cohabitation of the two under the same roof:

Create a safe room for both the cats

Unlike the common belief, it’s not the kitten who gets scared of the older cat, but the other way around. All the playing and jumping around can sometimes frighten the older cat, as a result of which it withdraws itself more. Therefore, when bringing a new kitten, make sure you keep them in separate rooms for the first few days. Forcefully introducing senior cats to kittens may irritate or annoy your older cat. Ensure that they bump into each other only in your presence.

Let the older cat get used to the new scent

Make it a point to let the two cats work out in their own timing and terms. In case the older cat is an aggressive one, keeping it in a separate room is a must until it gets used to the smell of the kitten through closed doors. Once they feel relaxed with the new scent in the house, introduce them to each other, obviously under your supervision.

Don’t force them to share right away

Whether it’s the litter box or the feeding trays or bowls, never force them to share at the very beginning when you are in the process of introducing senior cats to kittens. The older cat may find it to be trespassing on its property or losing possession of things, which are only his or her. Instead, set up a separate litter box or feeding tray in a separate area until the older one gets used to the kitten.

Let your older cat get the maximum attention

As an owner, your attention plays a crucial role in making the acceptance of a kitten a smooth one for your older cat. Yes, in the majority of cases, lack of attention to the senior cat over the new kitten makes the process of introducing senior cats to kittens a troubled one. Therefore, if you want the senior cat to get along with a new kitten, then make sure that you give a lot of attention to the former. You need to make the older cat feel secure and affirm that its place in your life is intact.

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