6 tips to prepare a checklist for a new kitten
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6 tips to prepare a checklist for a new kitten

Having a furry friend in the house is always a welcoming thought. All kittens, however, have an inherent insatiable curiosity, which can be the cause of several problems once you make them a part of your family. As a soon to be pet owner you need to plan and prepare for the entry of your kitten into your home to ensure that it is hassle-free for you and it as well. You need to have a new kitten checklist in place so that you are fully prepared to host this new furball in your home:

Kitten-proof the house

The first most important task on your ‘New Kitten Checklist’ is to make your home kitten proof. You need to think from your cat’s perspective, get on the floor and look up to see what seems most tempting. Jot down these things that appeal to your fancy and tackle them with care.

Get the basic necessities in place

First and foremost, food items must be on the New Kitten Checklist. Fix a place for your cat to sleep. Also, make sure that you get a scratching post or pad for your new furry member. You would also need a litter box. Buying a few toys would be a plus as it would make your little friend feel welcome and less isolated during the first few days. Buying plenty of balls, stuffed play animals, and other toys would be an investment too.

Create a comfortable bed or house

Cats crave comfort. While you can settle for a cardboard box lined with clean, soft towels or a small blanket a small real bed is always a good option. The bedding needs to be washable or needs to come with a replaceable cover top. You can also opt to make a shed or a complete house for your new pet.

Keep a tab on cat food

The first year of a kitten’s development is crucial for growth.Thus good quality cat food is essential to fill their nutritional needs. Inquire about the brand of cat food that the breeders at the foster home have used and provided the same. This would avoid any health disorders that are likely to affect the kitten.

Make arrangements for scratching posts

Markets are flooded with good quality scratchers that are inexpensive.They last long as they are made of a cardboard incline with a corrugated cardboard scratching surface. Buying a size that can benefit you in the long term must be your next priority on the new kitten checklist. Introducing a scratching post will help your kitten to learn appropriate places to sharpen its claws and also inculcate good behavioral pattern.

Safe rooms are a thing

You can choose any room, closet, or even a secluded corner to be your safe room. This place will be its recluse where he can retreat when frightened, feeling threatened, or just to relax and sleep. This will also be a place where you can occasionally isolate him from other cats or pets in the family.

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