A detailed checklist for a new dog owner
Pet Training

A detailed checklist for a new dog owner

Getting a pup is always exciting. It is like having a new baby at home. It is not easy to get adjusted to having a new pet at home especially if this would be your first experience. So before you get your adorable bundle of joy to join you in your home, it is advisable that you prepare with our new puppy checklist. Otherwise, you may find it very chaotic and overwhelming to have a pet around.

If you are prepared then the first few days of getting adjusted with your pet becomes much easier. Apart from looking for service providers, supplies, and equipment your preparations must also include planning how you will bring in the change in your everyday routine. When you are prepared for your pet, you will have a happy pet and balanced life. Here is the new puppy checklist that will help you to get used to having a new pet in the family.


This should be the first thing that you need to include in your new puppy checklist. The crate is important for house training your puppy. It also helps to keep your new puppy safe when you are not around to look after. This is a great tool to help your puppy get adjusted to your home. Go for plastic crates as they are affordable and are also easy to clean. Find the right size so that your pup fits in it freely.

Portable potty and pee pads:

You need to use portable potty and pee pads for your new pet until it is fully vaccinated. You cannot take your pup outdoor for peeing and pooping unless he is vaccinated. Portable potty and pee pads are great alternatives to train your puppy to relieve itself on the grass outside.

Puppy Food:

Well, when you have a pup, you need to have pet food on your new puppy checklist. Make sure you buy premium quality pet food that is well balanced and nutritious.

Collar ID Tags:

You need a soft collar and a name tag to firmly put around your pup’s neck. This is important because if your new puppy happens to slip out of your backyard, front door or arms, you can locate it easily.

Puppy Toys:

Just like kids, puppies love to play. They also love to chew on things. So make sure you have some chew toys on your new puppy checklist. Keep your pup’s size, breed and chewing style in consideration while buying the chew toys.

Food bowls:

You need food bowls to feed your puppy. However, do not go for the fancy ones because your puppy will outgrow the size pretty quickly. Go for a ceramic bowl or a stainless steel bowl instead of a plastic bowl.

Apart from this you also need grooming supplies, obedience training tools, and puppy proofing your home. When you have everything prepared, you will not feel the pinch of adjusting to a new life with your new puppy.

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