Basic beach etiquettes for your dog
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Basic beach etiquettes for your dog

Beaches are beautiful havens of natural bliss that offer immense opportunities for relaxation of pets and pet owners. A beach can vary in terms of its regulations for pet dogs. It can be a leash-less beach, or it can allow dogs on a leash. Owners can swim with the pet dogs, jog, speed walk and enjoy water sports designed specifically for the fun of owner and pet. Here is a compact list of beach etiquette for dogs that you as a dog owner must keep in mind:

Discard the litter or dog poop

Being at a beach doesn’t mean that your duty to deal with your dog’s waste is over. A dog’s poop is hardly biodegradable. This holds true especially in the case of dogs that are fed on commercial dog food. Never try to bury your dog’s excreta in the sand, or wait for the waves of the ocean to wash it all away. Most dog-friendly beaches provide garbage cans for waste disposal, but it’s best to come prepared from home. You can bring a biodegradable bag rather than a plastic one and ensure that everyone has a pleasant time at the beach just like you did.

Be vigilant on the beach

As a dog owner, it’s your duty to supervise your dog and remain alert at all times while you are at the beach. To avoid any possible mishap such as a dogfight, human bite, injury, unsupervised pooping on the beach sand, spoiling another’s fun, dog illness from sun/heat stroke or from drinking too much salt water; it is advisable that the dog owner should keep an eye on the canine at all times.

Good behavior and obedience training

If you haven’t mastered obedience training with your dog, then an off-leash beach, is not a good choice for you. Dog behavior such as excessive barking, lack of recall, aggressive behavior, pulling on a leash come under bad behavior and are not fit for a beach stroll. In such cases you can seek the help of your local canine school to get your pet to attend some recall classes and for it to be at its social best. These classes will help it to learn basics such as “sit”, “come”, “heel” and “stop.” Begin with taking your dog to the beach during non-peak hours such as early in the morning. This will get them used to the smells and all the new sounds and help it to learn beach etiquette for dogs.

Be Considerate

Beaches are public property and are meant to be shared with many others including humans, other dogs, and wildlife. Ensure that your dog doesn’t go off limits. Some beaches have special areas dedicated only to protect certain marine birds and by default are off limits to dogs to avoid unnecessary trouble. The beach etiquette for dogs ensures that a well- mannered dog never bothers others by constant barking, displaying aggressive behavior, and trampling over sunbathers, small children, and pouncing on picnic lunches.

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