Dog park rules that should never be broken
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Dog park rules that should never be broken

A dog park is a place where our furry family members socialize. What makes these dog parks worth visiting for a dog and a pet parent are the golden dog park rules. Every pet owner is supposed to abide by these very important and helpful rules for dog parks. Ignoring and not following the set rules can make your visit to dog parks a nightmare. Make sure you consider these rules and then take your four-legged friends to the nearby park. Some of the common dog park rules include the following:

Practice sharing

Suppose you carry a whole bag of dog treats and water to a dog park, every time you take your pet there. While giving your pet a bowl of water, it is pretty natural that another dog comes over and sips some water from your pet’s bowl. There is nothing to feel bad about it. In fact, you should be willing to share your belongings. After all, your pet is there at the dog park to enjoy his time and make new friends. If other dogs share his treats and water, it is a sign of a newfound friendship. So, sharing is definitely one of the dog park rules that you should never break.

Remember, your dog is your responsibility

While your dog is having a good time at a dog park, you are supposed to keep your eyes on him/her all the time. It is your responsibility that the dog behaves properly and doesn’t trouble other dogs and people present at the park.

Remove your dog’s leash before he starts playing with other dogs

Dogs when restricted by a leash often exhibit aggression and unpleasant behavior in comparison to the cool and calm unleashed dogs. Therefore, most of the dog parks require unleashing dogs at the entrance. This allows dogs to play safely and easily with the other dogs at the park.

Pick up the poop

Poop duty is definitely one of the most important dog park rules that should never be broken. Walking into a park full of poop is not just disgusting for you, but for your dog as well. Therefore, make sure you pick up the poop everytime and everywhere.

Go for timely vaccinations and parasite control

It is your responsibility to keep your dog healthy and protected through the required vaccinations. You must take this step to keep your dog safe from all kinds of diseases and threats. If every pet owner abides by this rule, dogs can play at a dog park without any threat to their health.

Do not fight

It is good to love your pet and be possessive about its well-being, but picking a silly fight at a dog park with another pet parent is not good. No matter what happens between dogs, pet parents should not fight with each other.
Abiding by these dog park rules will make the park visit fun and exciting not only for you but also for your furry babies.

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