How to introduce your dog to puppies
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How to introduce your dog to puppies

Are you thinking about introducing a puppy to your family when you already have a dog? Well, then you must know about the best ways of introducing dogs to puppies as their first meeting may turn out to be a problematic one, if not planned properly. It’s very natural for the resident dogs to protect their turfs and this can result in the puppy feeling strange and alien. Therefore, explore these simple yet effective tips for ensuring a proper introduction between your resident dogs and a new pup.

  • Initiate the meeting on neutral ground

    First and foremost, once you finalize on a puppy, let your resident dog meet him on some neutral ground like the tennis court, the training center, etc. Holding the first meeting on a neutral ground always prevents the resident dog from feeling fearful or protective of its owner or house. You can also try arranging the first meet at some park with which your dog is already familiar as that can help him/her focus on the new puppy more positively.

  • Arrange for meeting the puppy inside the house

    When introducing dogs to puppies, make sure that you keep the resident dog outside when placing the puppies inside the house. Take your dog for a walk or keep them busy outside, so that when the dog enters the house again, he/she finds the pet already there. This minimizes the chances of a problem between the two to some extent.

  • Let them come close to each other

    Once your dog feels interested in meeting the puppy or doesn’t count it as a threat, it will look forward to an opportunity of sniffing the puppy to be sure. An owner of both the dog and the pup, you must encourage and allow them sniffing opportunities to help them become friends with each other. Following the natural etiquettes of canines, when meeting a new pup, your resident dog would want to sniff the pup thoroughly. Therefore, choose an area with enough open space when introducing dogs to puppies.

  • Take them out for a walk together

    Taking both the dogs, the resident one and the pup, out for a walk together can be helpful in culminating their meeting on a friendly note. While you walk with them, keep the leashes a bit loose and keep an eye on their behaviors. Remember to allow them enough room to freely move, whether it’s for getting close or for maintaining a certain distance.

When you plan on introducing dogs to puppies, make sure you choose the right breed. For example, an active dog always prefers a playful pup. Until and unless the puppy you choose turns out to be a compatible match with the dog you already have, ensuring a friendly relation between the two may be more difficult than you think. Also, dogs love attention, so ensure you give equal attention to both of them. Else, the other will feel neglected which further will affect their behavior towards you as well as the other members of the family.

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