Reasons why you should be running with your dog
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Reasons why you should be running with your dog

Running with your dog can be rejuvenating for a number of reasons. If you feel that over a period of time, your running routine has become monotonous and passive, then it’s time you take your dog along to make it more fun and exciting.The following are the reasons as to why you should run with your dog.

  • Running with your dog demands your attention:

    You can forget about passing the scenery without ever looking at it. Your dog will ensure that you pay attention to every tuft of grass you pass on the way. This improves your focus and your response time.

  • Your running partner will never complain:

    if you feel like changing your route on a particular day or altering your pace, your canine partner will never have an issue.

  • Your running partner’s schedule will never clash with yours:

    we have all experienced the disappointment when our running partner does not turn up due to any number of reasons. When your running partner is a dog, you do not even have to worry about running late or changing the time; you can run according to your convenience.

  • Your dog is always motivated:

    When you have a dog as a running partner, you do not have to worry about losing days to laziness. Because there will never be any! Your dog remembers the time for your daily run and, he will ensure that you are out of your house minutes after you thought that you were too tired to go out.

  • Running with your dog improves your training:

    The good thing about dogs is that they never feel obliged to keep up with their running partner. He will stop midway to explore the bend, loiter for a while before picking up the pace again. The changes in pace add variety to your routine. Changing your pace is good for your workout. It helps improve your body muscles, injury resistance, and endurance levels.

  • You learn to plan:

    While you may not have given much thought to your route before, however, running with your dog will make you think about it. You will learn to avoid paved and gravel roads to protect his paws and joints this will also be beneficial to you too.

  • You feel safe and secured:

    You may not see your dog as your bodyguard; however, you would be surprised to learn how many other people are afraid of your cute little companion. Many runners feel safe running with a dog. Nevertheless, always keep your dog leashed while on the road, and ensure that he is socially trained before taking him on the road.

  • Build a special bond with your dog:

    If your busy schedule keeps you from spending quality time with your dog, your daily job is the perfect time to share with your canine friend. Running with your dog will also improve your dog’s social behaviour with others. He learns to behave around people and to obey your commands.

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