Tips to control your pet from peeing inside the house
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Tips to control your pet from peeing inside the house

Pets are adorable, and dogs are more so; until they decide to pee inside the house. It becomes a very annoying and exhaustive experience once they start doing it, and it takes a lot of effort before you can stop pets peeing in the house. Ensure that you train your pet in a gentle way with patience and great understanding. Getting aggressive would not work with them and it may cause the opposite to happen.

Why does your dog pee in the house?

Dogs often pee in the house, and it doesn’t take long before it becomes a habit for the dog and a nightmare for the owner. Studies suggest that there can be various reasons why a dog owner cannot stop pets peeing in the house. The most obvious of them include:

Dogs can’t wait to go outside to pee, if they are affected by a disease or if they are sick.

Some dogs get overexcited at times and tend to pee wherever they are.

If the owners haven’t taught the dogs to always pee outside the house, it’s no surprise if they sometimes fail to do so.

Dogs mark places and often urinate at the same spot.

Five remedial measures to stop your dog from peeing inside the house

Before it becomes an issue that gives you headaches, you can try out a few remedial measures to stop pets peeing in the house.

  • Leash your dog and always take it to the same place when it needs to pee, so it becomes a habit. You may even try associating a word with it so that eventually your pet can recognize it and knows what to do.
  • Praise your dog whenever it pees in the proper place. Dogs love attention, and this helps in training them to pee in the right place.
  • If your pet dog marks a spot in the house, make sure to remove the urine scent by every means possible. This is because once the dog marks a place, it usually tends to pee at the same place. Dogs do not want to pee in the house that they live in, but if they mark an area and if it smells of urine, they will pee there henceforth.
  • Help your dog to socialize to overcome the feat associated with outdoors, which will help avoid “peeing inside the house” issue.
  • One of the most important measures is to take the dog to the vet to check for any underlying medical conditions. At the vet’s nod, medicate your dog properly to help it get over the problem.

Some owners often get angered by their dogs’ repetitive peeing inside the house. But it is to be noted that dogs don’t want to annoy their owners and it is never their intention to pee inside the house unless they haven’t understood that it’s not the right thing to do. Treat your pet with love and care to stop pets peeing in the house.

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