List of things that vets wish pet owners knew
Pet Insurance November 28, 2017

List of things that vets wish pet owners knew

When you take your pet to a vet’s office, you are obviously under stress. Under such circumstances, anyone is less than efficient. However, there are 6 things all vets wish pet owners knew which would go a long way in getting the proper diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

Before you get a pet:

The first of 6 things all vets wish pet owners knew is that before you consider buying or adopting a pet, you should consult a vet. He may be able to guide you about the kind of animal or breed that would be best considering the amount of time you have, your home, and your lifestyle. He may also guide you about the health concerns, diet, and other routine requirements of the pet you are considering. You can also talk about long-term financial implications of keeping a pet.

Prevention is better than cure:

When you get a new pet or maybe even before that, you should talk to a vet about regular checkups, proper diet, and exercise that can promote good overall health of your pet. Certain animals and breeds are more susceptible to specific disorders; your vet may guide you on preventive measures to prevent these illnesses.

Consider pet insurance:

One of the 6 things all vets wish pet owners knew is that medical care for pets is expensive. Prescription drugs, MRIs, scan and joint replacements, etc. are no cheaper. Talking to your vet about insurance that may cover the necessary costs when they arise may save you a lot of trouble later.


Your vet would appreciate if you discuss your expectations and concerns with him. To get the most out of your visit, it is important that you have a list of all the questions or issues that you may want clarified. Any information, which may seem irrelevant to you, may help the vet in reaching a diagnosis. If there is anything about the diagnosis or the treatment plan that you have not understood clearly, your vet will not mind explaining it again. If you would like to consider an alternative or would like to consult a specialist before continuing treatment, you just have to talk to your vet.

Timely Intervention:

If anything about your pet’s behavior is bothering you or if you notice any changes, you may want to discuss, it is best to call up your vet as early as possible. Timely diagnosis and intervention can prevent an illness from turning into an emergency.

Use the Internet wisely:

Another one of the 6 things all vets wish pet owners knew is that the Internet is a great source of information; however, not all information is authentic. You can ask your vet for an authoritative site or websites that would provide you with the right information about your pet.

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