Top 6 organic food items for your pets
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Top 6 organic food items for your pets

The food we eat determines how healthy we are. The same goes for our pets. With the increase in the usage of pesticides, many have now resorted to feeding healthy organic food to their pets. It is better for the pet’s health, and it keeps them feeling active as well.

Animals are just as affected by pesticides as humans. There are several preservatives added to animal foods to keep it fresh. They can be very harmful to the animals in the long run. Although fresh food is always better, with hectic schedules, it is not always possible. There are several brands out there that sell organic pet food. They have all the nutrition your pet needs without any side effects of chemicals. These are all natural food items that will be beneficial for your furry family members.

Here are six organic pet food items you should try for your pet.

Organix Butcher & Bushel
This is a brand that has large chunks of vegetables and meat. It is extremely healthy and delicious. It does have a considerable amount of calories. But its high nutrition is beneficial for your dog. In addition, it is quite affordable; so you can indulge your pet in a can any time you want. You will also find the same organic food for your feline pets.

Newman’s Own Adult
Made specifically for full grown dogs, this brand ensures the dogs get all the nutrition required to remain healthy and not deal with obesity. Although it has the carbs needed, it is the protein that is in larger proportion. This is sure to keep your dog feeling full for a long time. They also have cat food that is all organic.

Health Extension Little Bites
Perfect for smaller breeds, this organic food will bring out the appetite. It has organic chicken that is both hypoglycemic and hypoallergenic. This food is perfect to ensure that your dog is getting enough nutrition.

The Primal Pet Foods
This is a freeze-dried organic pet food that comes in 11 flavors. With so many options to choose from, your pet is sure to find the one it loves. This is an all-natural food that does not have any hormones or antibiotics added to it.

Wagner’s 62004
If you want your bird to have some highly-nutritious food, this is the best one to opt. The best part is that it has safflower, a rare component in bird food. Rest assured your bird is surely going to eat every bit of it.

Lafeber’s Classic Nutri Berries
This will be the perfect all-natural balanced meal that your bird needs. It contains healthy omega 3 and 6. The natural flavor of molasses is their favorite.

Organic pet food is the best way you can take care of your pet. The delicious meals and the high nutritional factor will make them active all day. You can even change the flavor or brand from time to time.

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