5 Foods that Cats Can Safely Enjoy
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5 Foods that Cats Can Safely Enjoy

While feeding cats human foods is generally not a good idea, there are some human foods that can safely be enjoyed by cats. Most veterinarians don’t recommend feeding felines human foods in order to prevent pet obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and in worst cases, feline toxicity. Keep in mind that cats have different metabolisms than humans, so they may experience allergies or toxicity if their systems can’t properly digest the substance. 

If you do feed your cats human foods, please stick to the following safe foods for cats:

1. Skinless chicken

In the wild many cats would rely on eating birds for their main source of food. Since cats are natural predators of chicken you can safely feed your cat skinless chicken. Skinless chicken is an ideal way to add some protein to your cat’s diet. If you want to substitute their cat food and give them a delicious treat you should highly consider skinless chicken as an alternative to a normal meal.

2. Eggs

If you are looking to add protein to your cat’s diet and want to substitute the traditional cat food that you use, you can give them cooked eggs. Cooked eggs are a great tasty treat for your cat. While cooked eggs are a safe option, your cats should never be given raw eggs. Raw eggs cannot be digested by your cats and contain a harmful chemical called Salmonella. Raw eggs can cause severe health problems for any cat, even if consumed in small amounts.

3. Fish

Cats can be fed fish in small amounts, however, they should not be given a routine diet of fish. Fish that are included in traditional cat food is fine, but there are risks involved with eating fish that is designed for humans. If cats eat too much fish that is intended for humans they pose the risk of mercury poisoning. Fish is fine for cats to eat in small amounts. You can substitute a meal that your cat eats with fish every once in a while if they really enjoy the taste of fish.

4. Cucumber

Surprisingly, some vegetables can be great for cats to eat. If your cat has any digestive problems you can try offering them sliced cucumber to help aid in digestion. Cucumbers are full of fiber and water so they are a delicious treat that your cat may enjoy. If your cat needs more vitamins cucumbers can supply them.

5. Broccoli

Similar to cucumbers, broccoli is a great treat for cats. Steamed broccoli is the best way to feed broccoli to your cat. It also contains high amounts of fiber, water, and vitamins that can support the healthy development of cats.

If you are looking to feed your cat some human food because you have extra or you just want to give them a healthy treat, the above mentioned foods are an ideal way to support your cats’ health and development. These foods can support digestion and give them a supply of protein to help aid in their health. Remember not to give them these foods every day or even in large amounts because it could still put them at risk for obesity.