Essential tips to keep your pet safe while traveling in a car
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Essential tips to keep your pet safe while traveling in a car

It is not only risky to not take proper safety measures when traveling with your pet but also illegal in many parts of the world. Your pet requires just as much attention and care as your other family members. When traveling to places with your dog in a car, you should ensure to undertake respective safety measures to ensure the safety of all those traveling with you. Here are some essential pointers you should keep in mind while traveling to avoid an unnecessary incidents of pet accidents:

Disable power windows in your car

You do not want your pet to accidentally open the windows of your car and meet with an accident. Overexcited pets are known to jump out of windows and not ensuring whether they are safely secured in the car can lead to an ugly pet accident. Turning off your power windows ensures that your pet can’t open them by a simple press of a button.

Purchase crash-proof pet crates and bags

There are crates available for pets that you can purchase to provide them with a comfortable and safe traveling experience. They can be latched onto the seat of the car and are crash-proof to ensure your pet is safe no matter what. Go for aluminum and plastic reinforced models that come with a warranty to get the best possible protection. Also, opt for brands that are reputed for such products so that you can be sure that the materials used for manufacturing are non-toxic and safe for your pet. You can also setup crash-bags for your pet that work exactly like airbags, but are meant for pets and trigger as soon as an accident occurs.

Carry sufficient food and water for your pet and yourself

It is important to carry food and water for both your pet and yourself to ensure both of you are hydrated and nourished, if you plan on driving over long periods of time. Pets can get very finicky when they are hungry or thirsty and might try and divert your attention, thereby causing an accident which could cause harm to both you and your pet. Make sure you have a dog bowl in the car at all times to be able to quickly park your car and feed your dog without creating a mess.

Take breaks while traveling

It is important to take breaks every once in a while to catch some air while traveling. Driving for long hours can tire you out and make you lose focus while pets can get agitated if they don’t get to stretch and move around. You do not want to end up causing a pet accident due to fatigue or your pet trying to move around in the car!

Most importantly, make sure you keep your eyes on the road at all times and keep the above tips in mind for a safe driving experience!

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