Top 10 most popular cat breeds
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Top 10 most popular cat breeds

Cat lovers usually choose a breed that matches their personality, and that’s why you’ll often find that a cat resembles his/her owner. From the Persian to the Maine Coon, here are the types of cats who are most loved. You can choose from these and more as per your liking and needs; therefore, with these top 10 popular breeds of cat, you would be able to make your choice in a better way.

Persian: From the time CFA started to keep records, this breed has been number one in the category of most popular cat breeds. They are friendly and loyal, and they need their long fur groomed on a daily basis.
Maine Coon: This breed comes in the second position. They are very kind and loving. They too have fur like the Persian, but they don’t need grooming for it.
Exotic: This breed resembles the Persian, but the only difference is that they have short fur and they need grooming twice a week, unlike Persian who needs it on a daily basis. They are often referred to as “Persian in Pajamas” because of their color.
Siamese: They are unique in the aspect that they like to chat with their owners. They are athletic, loving, and very loyal too.
Abyssinian: These cats, often ranked amongst the most popular cat breeds, can be easily recognized because of their looks. They are thin and look great with their shiny coat.
Ragdoll: When you lift them in your arms, they go completely limp. They are cute and cuddly and weigh between 10 and 20lbs. They are not the one who defend themselves when they go out; so you must ensure that they do not step out of the house on their own.
Birman: They are friendly, extrovert, calm, and flexible, a few very rare traits, which you get to see in a cat. They have long silky hair, and they don’t require much grooming.
American Shorthair: This breed first arrived in America on the Mayflower. They are excellent hunters and have a calm nature. They are very good with children and this is the reason they make great family pets.
Oriental: They are calm natured. They have over 300 color combinations and come in two fur lengths. Their looks impress people and that’s probably the reason why they fall under the category of the most popular cat breeds.
Sphynx: They are known as the “Naked Climbers.” Lively, athletic, and having an ability to climb on anything, these cats have a very different appearance and come in a variety of skin colors. They are loyal, loving, and demand continuous attention.
Whether you go for the most popular cat breeds or just any regular cat, you must possess a cat at least once in your lifetime to experience the complexities and joys of having a leonine personality. Without doubt, they will prove to be your friendly and lovable pet partner.

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