How to choose the best name for your kitten
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How to choose the best name for your kitten

When you bring a cat to your house, you expect it to grow on you and sooner, rather than later, become a core member of your family. And while you plan on its diet and living, you need to give as much importance to naming your cat, preferably one of the popular cat names of 2017. The name will stay with it as its sole identity. You can explore the following tips to find some unique and cool names for your cat.

Give its hair color a try!

Very often, cats are named based on their hair color! If you want to follow that rule, examine its hair color, and call it by a name based on that. If your cat’s fur all brown, naming it Browny will be perfect.

How about naming on the basis of the breed?

Many learn about the breed of the cat before buying one. If you haven’t done that yet, never mind, do a bit of study about the cat’s history and the typical characteristics of the breed. Next thing you know, you have effectively given your cat one of the popular cat names of 2017 based on its breed.

Study its gender and personality

Apart from the general traits of the breed, every cat has its own specific traits and behavior. Observe your cat’s personality for a while and ensure your cat’s gender before you hastily name it. You wouldn’t want to ruin its name, would you?

Use strong syllables

Name your cat using hard sounding vowels or consonants that can be distinguished more efficiently than others. Also, make sure you’ll be willing to call out the name in public when you’re taking a walk with your cat. Don’t choose a name which you’re ashamed of using in public. This may lead to miscommunication between you and your cat if anything goes awry.

Training your cat with the name

Once you choose a name, stick to it. Do not use multiple names to call your cat. It will keep him from getting confused. Call your cat plenty of times using that name so that it starts getting accustomed to it. Once it does, it will start responding to your calls. You can also buy a collar with the name printed on it, to leash your cat, so that others can call it by the same cool and one of the popular cat names of 2017 as well.

Naming your cat, undoubtedly, will be a bit of a head-scratcher. But, if you stay calm and patient, it won’t take much time, and your cat will soon ease up with you, becoming a loyal pet. You can give it whatever name you want. It can be one of the popular cat names of 2017, or it can be something uncommon, but if you call with love and affection, your cat is going to love it.

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